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Amusement Park for Stanwell Tops?


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There has been no news about this until now, I even had no idea this was in the works, until I saw a news article (which I can’t read due to a paywall). 

I managed to find the image online to share with you. 
looks like a family based amusement park with a few miniature railways and a few small rides. Not bad for Stanwell Tops. 
only thing I don’t like about it personally, is the fact that we have 2 other miniature railways driving distance from Stanwell tops, and as far as I’m aware, they’re not the crowd pullers they use to be.


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Yeah looking at the plans, I realised it’s very much just for kids. 
but I still can’t ask enough… why another miniature railway?! 

We literally have the Illawarra Live Steamers, the Illawarra Light Railway Museum Society and then Penwood Railroad inc. just a little further south of Wollongong. 

we literally have 3 places that offer the same thing already!!

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Can shed a bit of light on this project. It’s been in the works for many years (probably at least 10 at this stage) and is being undertaken by Coleman and Sons, a travelling amusement operator who have run the trains at the Sydney Easter Show (and I believe Melbourne show) for over 50 years. 

I think they only got council approval a few years ago but due to covid, everything must have slowed down which is understandable. In terms of rides I know there were a few small machines supposed to go in, including an SBF VISA Powered Mine Train coaster (figure 8, used to travel around the show circuit) but obviously it’s going to be a slow process.

I know the owners have big plans for the place but don’t want to give too much away at this stage. But yeah the miniature railway was always going to be the focus at the very start, and then a gradual expansion process will start from there.

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So it is true, Can I ask where about on Lawrence Hargrave drive this is meant to be?. I had heard about a kids amusement park (8 or so years ago) being developed for the Helensburgh area. I'm assuming this is the one. 

Coleman & Sons do a decent job. Even tho it would be another railway this would he one that I assume would run every weekend and during the school holidays.

Last I heard about Penwood railway it had massive financial issues. Illawarra live steamers it currently going through a “changing of the guard” as in older members leaving or unfortunately pass on. 

I welcome something like this to this area of Sydney. Everything is normally out west or towards Sydney. Wollongong university has a science lab from memory, you got a small putt-putt complete at Helensburgh plus the small Zoo (Symbio Wildlide Park) and the HARS aviation museum down at Albion Park. 

So even tho this might have  been delayed by 10 odd years it's the right time to get it started now. They have some rides naturally so it's a perfect fit for them. 

I believe they are local also to the area of Sydney. 

I look forward to hearing more about this. 

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