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Six Flags MM tickets

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On eBay they have 2 tickets to Six Flags Magic Mountain if anyone is going in the near future take a look at this link http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...ssPageName=WD2V the current bid is US $10.50 approx AU $14.36 this is very cheap and they are adult tickets! Check it out! :)

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They said they were gonna be open in the last 2 sets of holliday and they wern't. Also if you look behind the Mad Mouse you will see a full set of enterprise cars there either Huss or Shwachzkoph (hope i spelt it right) and in the middle of the paddock there is a enterprise arm have not had a extremly close look because it wasn't there in the april holidays. But the cars are next weekend i might go get some pictures. now lets get back on topic shall we. :)

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mmmm, yes, we shall. The tickets are probably not worth buying for anyone here unless they are heading to America in the very near future... And what I wanna know is what type of person goes to Magic Mountain, buys the tickets and walks away only to sell them on eBay and loses a lot of money? Either that, or the tickets are stale (probably), used and are bogus.

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