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What would everybodies dream theme park thrill rides be. MIne would be Coasters: Millenium Force, Xcelarator,TOT,Alpengeist,The incredible hulk,Superman Ultimate Flight,Beast. Flat Rides: Drop Zone,Delirium,Fly Coaster(not really coaster) ,Wipeout,Bounty's Revenge(wonderland).A ferris wheel, I could go on! but there are too many top quality rides out there

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The wipeout? Well I'd be giving that one a pass to be honest, as much of a fun ride as it is, maintenance wise it is a pain in the arse. And the noises that it makes, well, it doesn't rate the highest. I'd personally like a large Ride Trade Gyro Swing. Something about Intamin that seems to combine with the words nice, quality and sometimes the all popular "electrical faults".

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