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Wet 'n' Wild TR

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I just came back from a day at Wet 'n' Wild,with a few friends. We got into the park at 11 o'clock,and first headed to Super 8.I thought this was a pretty good ride,with barely any ques.For some reason I could never come first though,which was annoying. Then went for Twister,which turned out to be one of my fav slides.It's slow at the start but really picks up speed towards the end. After that we went on Terror Canyon 2,which was quite good.We later rode the first Terror Canyon at night,boy was that fun.Just as we were about to go on the second Terror Canyon someone got stuck and we had to go on the first one.Then,just as we were about to go on the first one,the second on re-opened :mad: After that we went on all of the rest of the slides as well.Mammoth River was one of favourites,I love feeling as If your about togo of the edge.The tabbogan was also good,a bit of a wait though.All of the rides are better at night time;there are less ques and there more interesting. I would make the report longer but I'm tired so i'll right more tommorow morning.

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The Speed Coaster wasn't as good as I thought it would be,and the tubes barely go up the ramp much at all.I think the Whirlpool would be alot more fun without the tubes,just lying there was much more fun.Mammoth Plunge was too slow,and unless your facing backwards then it's not very interesting.

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they are really fun to ride lying on your stomach
Wouldn't you get in trouble from the Life Gaurd at the end when he saw you though.When my friends and I were riding Mammoth River we knelt instead of standing,and the guy at the top saw us,he,he,he,it was worth it though. :)
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