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WB Movieworld Trip Report 15th Feb

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Ok day two we went to Movieworld got there on openign and went straight to scooby doo. Scooby doo was great a wlak on and the themeing impressive (not disney thiemeing esp in queue it is greatly themed but runined when you look up and just see air con tubes etc needed to theme the roof) up untill the lift there on it was a mad mouse in a Shed with some unique elements NEEDS TO BE DARKER!!! it is more fun in dark coasters when you cant see the track, but this was one fun ride and smooooth! whcih i loved went on it about 8 times in the end fantastic best coaster in Australia witht he best themeing of a coaster in Aust. (not that that was hard to beat) but really well done WB's they definatly do themeing well for australia this is a true THEME PARK! Then off to Wild west falls, which would have to be the best themed ride in australia its just beautiful!!! the queue is ok nothing spectacular but got through it always with no wait, even rode throught a couple of times! now the ride- smooth! long and senic with great twisits really close to a disney satandard, just replace the video parts of the ride with AA's of people plus a few AA's in the shootout area and indian part this would be as close to a disney ride in australia, i just absolutly loved this ride, one dissapointing part is view, at one point you can see the back of the mountain an see its just scaffolding and suports, its after the backwards bit they really need to fix it so you cant that sucked, but in final what a great long ride with story and fun and yeah just outstanding for a Aust. park! Ok next was police acadamy show - quickley was prettty crap looked very dated nothing too great happened and the helicopeter blew! you cna see the pole and when it slowley decends back beind what a yawwner and i think everyone new that the guy they picked out of the audience was a fake, my friend pointed him out as a guess as the fake as we walked in. they need to replace this show. ok next well we skipped batman heard it was average and ive been on better. so we basically shopped ridid those two rides over and over whatched the dated marvin 3D movie, looked round and left at 1pm!!! wow this park looks great but is not a full day park! granted leathal wepon was closed but still not a full day park!!!! there are too many shops!!!! and they all sell the same crap! this park really needs more rides! superman sounds great but they need more its truley struggling to stay theere more than 4 hours. Movieworld was better than dreamworld because it had longer rides with themeing and story (im a disney freak i need the story and themeing in a ride :D) there were still parts that were faded here as well, (many parts of looney tunes land) dont aussie parks beleive in paint???? The Wild west area was well done perfectly themed just needs more to do down there another smaller ride or somthing even a restraunt with show in it in a saloon would be great! i realy loved movieworld pleanty of street shows and characters around which was great to see this is definatley my favorite australian park. but much work to do! really needs to be updated in areas and and fledged out to a full day park. and TOO MANY SHOPS!!! but all in all the rides were great, enjoyed them and help sooth my ich till i get back to the USA in september and get to go to the best themepark there is Disneyland!

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Funny because Joz, Richard my mate Nev and myself were all at the park on Monday and we managed to spend a full day there just fine... I agree and disagree with some of your comments but will post something up tomorrow when I have more time.

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