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Village seem to have quietly dropped a cheaper locals One Pass recently. 

The One Pass Lite - priced at $179 - is $40 cheaper than the normal Locals One Pass (and $120 cheaper than the full priced One Pass).

The lite version of the pass has:

  • No White Christmas
  • No Carnivale
  • No Spooky Nights
  • BLACKOUT DATES - From Boxing day to January 15th.


For me, we rarely do the night events, even though they've been included in our passes for some time. We will go if friends are going, but mainly because we've got them for free. The current 'value' of the night events shown on the locals passes (ie $89 for WC, $69 for Carnivale and Spooky Nights) is not a price i'd pay separately. But considering we rarely use the night passes when we do have them this is an easy way for us to save over $100 on the next renewal (assuming we renew).

We tend to avoid the Christmas holiday period entirely. The parks are stupid at that time of year so the blackout dates don't impact us at all.

Overall, its a bit of a coin flip for us. If we went to just one night event it would pay off to buy the higher priced pass. If there were a bigger price gap - even marginally more, it might tip the scales for me - but at the very least its nice that they're finally offering locals a product that just gets them into the park regularly without bundling it with night events and resort stays.



ETA: as long as they stick by the blackout dates this time. Back in the VIP days, they offered VIP with blackout, and VIP gold without blackout, and the first day of the blackout dates they had a bunch of families try to enter with VIP passes and caused a stink when they weren't allowed in - so the company folded and quietly deleted the blackout dates. Here's hoping the new investment firm have more of a spine.

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This is great to see. I’ve always thought they should offer a cheaper version that doesn’t include all the perks (like DW currently does), so kudos to VRTP for adding this option. Definitely makes the Locals One Pass look even more value for money (which is probably what they’re going for) because for an extra $40 you get almost $230 worth tickets to their events.

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I was considering buying passes as Christmas presents, but the prices were too high to get five. All recipients live an hour north of Brisbane too. 

Loosing the events they'd probably not attend anyway, has this back on my radar. Visiting at the peak of peak also doesn't appeal either, so I'm sweet with the block out dates and $200 saving. 

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