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  1. red dragin

    Dreamworld's rollercoaster theming?

    Clap trap, rust bucket, jalopy, bomb. Names for junk cars
  2. red dragin

    Snags at Dreamworld this Sunday - Fundraiser

    You're all missing the big question though. Are the onions on top or underneath!
  3. red dragin

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    Wikipedia seems to think different..... 🎣
  4. red dragin

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    _______________ an opportunity to try and spark a disagreement over the name of a brick 😁
  5. red dragin

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    Concrete Masonry Unit seems to be the official term
  6. red dragin

    Dreamworld‘s new coaster timeline

    Didn't order, as in it it's been canned? Or that it is someone else's half built cancelled order, that is being shoe-horned to fit the park?
  7. red dragin

    Orphan Rocker On-Ride Footage

    Wow. That looked like a rough ride. The layout looked amazing, just the transitions let it down. A modern designed ride would have been worth the trip down.
  8. red dragin

    Dreamworld December Update 2019

    Be interesting to know if it was a random check or response to a complaint.
  9. red dragin

    MW Fast Track price dropped to $99

    $30 for the pass (to the right of the image)
  10. red dragin

    Justice League’s Future

    There isn't an unlimited pool of money to repair items immediately, nor spare parts for every single item on the shelf. No doubt maintenance would love to be able to fix everything on the spot (screw the cost), but the reality is that is not the way it works.
  11. red dragin

    Dreamworld December Update 2019

    It doesn't look like gates and bells are going in, no footings in sight. Some "Look for Trains" signs should be sufficient, there are plenty of passive warned crossings around outside the Brisbane Metro area. I think (don't quote me though) that the Dreamworld Railway is somehow classified as an amusement ride vs a railway, so their requirements are different to a railway.
  12. red dragin

    Dreamworld December Update 2019

    Welcome to "I won't look for myself so they have to make it difficult to stop me being run over by a train abomination" Take the warning labels off hair dryers I say!
  13. red dragin

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    Well, not active - was all about having a dig at AlexB and his sudden interest in the clearance of the Monorail. Got to agree @AlexB, I probably would too. I did originally support that person who's name we can't mention, as they just seemed to be poor at getting their message across. But it became clear after time that wasn't the case.
  14. red dragin

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    Hang on, @AlexB is obsessing about the monorail! Perhaps push was really just his other personality all along 🤪😂