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  1. Smart move when visiting Beenleigh.
  2. Northern extremity of Brisbane. On holidays down the coast starting in just over a week, have passes ready to go. Head home on the 3rd and back to hoboing. Can't delete the tag for pin142 (sorry)
  3. That flat wall could use something, such as a dot painting style taipan, or even just some directional signage.
  4. Add me to the 3rd, as we leave the Gold Coast that day so will miss out 🙄
  5. Was talk of it going off to get worked on by professionals or a TAFE. Can't remember which.
  6. I'm no engineer, so this is just a thought. The additional footings and supports etc aren't a requirement to meet storm/cyclone ratings? Remembering DC Rivals has additional structural steel.
  7. Did Mack Rides tech's come out to Australia for commissioning and staff training? Perhaps this is their primary focus, so that they can fly home. If maintenance is qualified on the operations, they could complete the fine tuning of the wheels themselves.
  8. The old carriages where 6 ton each, plus passengers. The current 'loco' weighs about 7 ton. Loco's rely on the weight of the loco to grip the steel rail (tractive effort). With the low weight pulling compared to the carriages, explains the need for lighter carriages. Curves and climbs (plus both combined) make it harder still to maintain grip.
  9. I'd rather the decent shade in the queue that they've installed, than a fancy fence. Green lantern's lack of shade is a joke in Queensland any time of the year.
  10. Yes, but a pull through is when the train is strapped to the track and slowly dragged through, which would be time consuming. With the known pinch points, you could just size the template and check the areas of concern. Or simply measure it. DCR wasn't inched through, just loaded up and let loose as it has no pinch points.
  11. Serious question, what does a pull through achieve that a tape measure (or surveyor) can't? Or even just fitting the same clearance gauge directly to the track at points of concern. Seems a very tedious process in the age of full computer design and engineering, that we'd still need to manually inch the coaster train around the whole circuit.
  12. Could you please elaborate? (I know nothing about the ride you've mentioned).
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