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  1. I think the price and lack of care is what scared people off from donating. Ask a grand and they probably would have sold easily.
  2. The organisation I'm involved with didn't operate last year from March till late December . Neither did most of the other organisations on our group insurance plan. But we had to pay the full amount of insurance last year, despite 20% income and visitors. And this year, our premium has gone up dramatically , but at different rates to others on the same group plan. Sometimes it is just the insurance companies.
  3. This end bit looks to have been the workshop, as there is a gantry crane in there. The main shed is the yellow part, which @themagicianhas said has also been removed.
  4. Thanks. It was a few months ago when I was talking to someone about it, pretty sure it's at a college for training & resto. I'll ask again next time I see that person.
  5. @themagicianany sign of the Baldwin? Heard rumours it's off site, possibly getting work. Its former colleague edges closer to going back into service.
  6. Looks like the very end of the shed, a flat roofed extension of sorts. The main shed being the angled roof still visible. There is only the abomination and its carriages, plus the Baldwin steam loco still on site. So they likely don't use the whole area available anymore.
  7. If it is permanent, will it require proper footings sunk into the ground (I've never seen one in person, permanent or portable)?
  8. It's certainly not AA related, seen them there before years ago.
  9. Transfer track for the Superman train I believe. Allows the carriages to be removed from the building.
  10. I held a long term interest in rides, particularly the engineering and mechanics, before actually riding them. Was a lurker on the previous version of here before I first rode Cyclone.
  11. We'd part with $20 for a photo with Bluey and Bingo if we had a guaranteed time spot. Just won't buy four dreamworld passes.
  12. Working fine on Safari on works MacBook Pro (I hate this thing!)
  13. The one developed by Israeli scientists who immigrated to Germany, where they developed the vaccine? Or the one developed in the UK?
  14. Saw on one of Bluey groups there will be a booking process to meet and greet the characters.
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