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  1. It's a Jeep, not a train, so timber sleepers would look off.
  2. Are the gaps there to permit fake plants to 'grow' through in various places, smoke/fog to enter the room too, perhaps? As well as lighting effects as previously suggested.
  3. And then wonder why the parks don't interact with them. It's common across many hobbies/interest groups to have the same issues.
  4. My observation Parkz and the public, have absolutely blasted Movie World about the state of the park and lack of communication. Rightly so! My question. Do we, as a 'community', feel like they've listened and are making an effort, at least on the communication side of things?
  5. Implying that the "ride failure" is just a cover story for the refit of the queue area.
  6. So it looks like the Murrisippi Motors station is directly opposite Motocoaster shop. Going to be interesting to see how they handle two currently clashing themes (jungle buggies vs racing motorbikes).
  7. Yeah, what I was trying to get across is that both chassis will follow the exact same path, and it will just be the body on top that would be facing different directions. And because of the sensors, it probably isn't possible to just loop that indoor section. Theoretically, you could swap bodies between chassis (depending on how they mount of course)
  8. Agree that it should work in both directions, but it's a matter of have they actually designed it that way? All the PLC on the track, brake and tyre drive contact points etc all need to be considered in the design. Also approach angles for any parts that might interact (or aren't meant to). There's a fair bit of engineering required. And complexity adds additional points of failure. They don't want a dud ride that's always failing.
  9. The actual chassis (disregard the body) would travel the same route, based on the animation by WallyWorld. As I said, logically you'd design it to run both directions, but Dreamworld have painted each train differently and stated they will have a forward and a backward train. The stills posted above aren't clearing this up either, as the brown train has a bumper, but the green train appears to be on a jig still.
  10. Refurbishment of the queueing area doesn't mean a full retheme. If you're just removing lockers, that can be done behind temporary walls/fencing. Shuffling the queue rails around wouldn't take much, they're only bolted to the floor. Could all be made off site and installed after hours. Add a single rider and fast pass queues through the (I assume, not been for years) unused shop space. All meets at the top of the ramp. Probably do that during the next shut down. The return on investment is low (run by investment group remember), so it's not going to be like the change over from Lethal Weapon to Arkham Asylum was.
  11. The implication I took from Dreamworld specifying that there is a forward and a backwards train, is that the actual chassis underneath is designed to only travel one direction, and it's just how the body on top is mounted that orientates the direction of travel. Looping the red section continuously would have the chassis end up facing the wrong way. Logically you would engineer the chassis to travel both directions (if that's possible?), as single train operations are common here in Australia. Otherwise Dreamworld will always have to run the forward facing train year round, and those wanting to ride backwards might miss out, outside of peak times. Or run both trains constantly, with the backwards one potentially running with limited loadings.
  12. You're more trusting of your fellow humans than most. Theft would be a major problem if everything went into one basket. We've started taking a small bag. Everything goes in that. Much quicker than dealing with all the odds and ends, great for hot lapping rides.
  13. When I've seen the basket out for Superman, it was for people with vision poor enough that they needed their glasses to negotiate their way to their seat.
  14. "why are they doing these silly posts, so unprofessional" Meanwhile what's been the main point of discussion around here for the last few days 🤷🏻‍♂️
  15. There was a post about their social media manager going on leave, and two staff waving goodbye with a "wtf do we do now" look on their face. I think they're aiming for cringy as a style for the next few weeks or something?
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