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  1. Well, I'm currently shopping for a new smart watch. Doesn't mean I can afford one right now though.
  2. Is the age restriction more to do with having a safe evacuation, rather than the ride experience itself? Scooby, DCR and GCer - heights. Vortex and Claw - precarious stopping position potential. Just throwing that out there as a thought for further discussion.
  3. There is a product that lasts over an hour on surfaces when tested. The group I'm involved with uses it, we do a section every 15 or so minutes, so that the public see us doing at least one or two cleans whilst waiting. We actually applied the set up for SE/DCR for our queuing process in our covid plan (pre allocate a group for the next trip).
  4. Pretty much my point. If it's so important to do something with those letters, that's about the best we'll get. I'd rather see those $$$ invested in improving something useful around the park.
  5. There's no benefit to spending money to remove the lettering from the tower. And very likely cheaper to rename the remaining ride to "Tower of Terror - The Giant Drop" if you wanted to be pedantic and utilise the existing words that probably no one outside the enthusiast community worries about.
  6. We had a mask mandate back in January. But agree, hard to tell what October will bring.
  7. A good summary of the series for those without time to watch it all. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-03-31/luna-park-ghost-train-fire-calls-for-new-inquiry/12420940
  8. That actually fits quite well into its surroundings, very unobtrusive being timber.
  9. The new ROW for the Dreamworld Railway runs that side of the tower. It also requires earthworks, so perhaps they are doing that at the same time as the retaining walls for Steel Taipan.
  10. Holy shit! This is Law & Order made up style stuff, not what happens in real life, except it did. If you haven't watched it, stream it on iView. I won't spoil it on here.
  11. It'll be 8.30pm local time. Even iView works from your location (unless you tell it you are somewhere else).
  12. The plans linked in this post show that the workshop track will be moved slightly, to maintain the connection. Also shows the new mainline running between the Tower and Motoc..zzzzzz 😴
  13. People also find 10.30/11.00/11.30 etc times easier to follow, than 10.50/11.10/11.30 etc. The dwell time also allows for delays along the way and being able to get back on schedule. I'm not sure that the Dreamworld Railway falls under ONRSR control either (I believe it's classed as an amusement ride and not a railway), so mandatory rest breaks may not be required like they are for other railways.
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