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  1. This is what he's picking you up on, the missing i - hence
  2. Appears that the seats can be folded up and latch back, presumably to allow those spots to be used when there are no wheelchairs onboard (or additional spaces can be made)
  3. If you're ever northside of Brisbane, try Jayliano's Strathpine or the sister restaurant Ariala at Kippa-Ring. They might change your mind on buffets.
  4. Comparing photos, just new decals. But certainly looks good, vast improvement.
  5. No track added to the points as yet. Assume it's still to be a maintenance siding eventually.
  6. Any chance of a screenshot? I'm not an insta user.
  7. If they are restricted with their budget, I'd rather they spend that money inside on the ride experience, than on the colour on the outside. As a thought, some creeper vines might be a good way to hide it all longer term anyway.
  8. My mistake, it was the large saw blade only (according to Dreamworld Past and Present Facebook)
  9. Isn't that meant to be going to the Caboolture Historical Village?
  10. I simply provided an example of how my car only took three months. I didn't dispute the 18 months statement, or belittle @Naazon for what they said in providing their point of view. I was just providing my personal experience and contributing to the conversation about shipping delays. Given your background @Naazon, that's interesting to know, much worse than I think the consumer is hearing on the ground. I appreciate the information. Hyundai i30 @Gazza - apparently they stock piled chips at the start of covid and were able to get through the downturn in chip production better than other manufacturers.
  11. Got mine within three months of ordering, new build.
  12. Green Snake. They seem to use quite simple names.
  13. Dreamworld is cane gauge 2ft - 605mm. Queensland Rail operates 3ft6in - 1067mm
  14. My understanding it it falls under an amusement ride, not a railway. Doors/gates could be simple mag locks, like apartment/office building front doors. Operator releases, guests actuate. Operator locks, manually checks each one. Simple and low voltage.
  15. Hopefully be a bit easier on the abomination.
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