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  1. red dragin

    Dreamworld December Update 2019

    Take my dollarbucks! Surprised it took them this long.
  2. red dragin

    Rise of the Resistance Opening

    Does the vehicle have to travel that far in, to allow the rear row to see clearly perhaps? It's also about witnessing the arrival of the fleet from Hyperspace.
  3. red dragin

    White Christmas - 2019

  4. red dragin

    Movie World Maintenance 2019

    It failed back in January 2017, but no idea of the lifespan of the chain.
  5. red dragin

    Rise of the Resistance Opening

    Truth be told, I wanted to see it on the 55 inch TV, but knew she'd be blown away by it too.
  6. red dragin

    Dreamworld December Update 2019

    Having never ridden GD, I take it the elevated pathway is necessary to access the ride, or does it then descend inside the building to a lower level? Basically, could they remove all that raised walkway without ultimately affecting ride access?
  7. red dragin

    Rise of the Resistance Opening

    Cast the video posted during the day yesterday, onto the TV to show the Mrs - didn't warn her what we where going to watch. She was gobsmacked before the ride even made it to the AT-AT room. Apparently we are going to Disney sooner than I thought!
  8. red dragin

    Rise of the Resistance Opening

    I'd hazard a guess it is quite simple, the panel he 'cuts through' is actually moving to reveal the pre-cut hole, and the light saber lowers through to complete the illusion.
  9. red dragin

    Rise of the Resistance Opening

    If you plan on riding it in the next year or so, don't watch it! Don't spoil it for yourself. Will be years before I get the chance, so I watched it. Wow.
  10. red dragin

    New Dreamworld Annual Pass 2019

    I'm going "Princeton Orange" based on these colours
  11. Disneyland Paris in 2008 - first overseas trip. Only had a day there, but was in October so fairly quiet.
  12. red dragin

    Fully6 - WhiteWater World's new slide tower

    The whole place looked really bright from the highway when we went passed yesterday, good to see them sprucing it up to match the new slides.
  13. red dragin

    Fully6 - WhiteWater World's new slide tower

    If this was Movie World, they'd still be ignoring its existence.
  14. red dragin

    Would it be worth replacing the Tower of Terror 2?

    Just watched a video of that Turbo Track, 10km/hr might be accurate 🥱
  15. red dragin

    Movie World - The Next Few Years

    I treat it like riding a motorbike, look where you are going next. That makes you use your neck muscles and stop getting thrown about. Leg squishing, when you load keep the harness slightly higher (~1cm), and push up with your legs when they check it. It still moves down throughout the ride (particularly on the high G part back passed the station) but it won't be as tight at the end.