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  1. red dragin

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    The challenge right now is getting permission to bring the people into the country, and then actually getting them on a flight. Some people have taken ten+ days to do the Europe to Australia trip as returning citizens. Do we really need American's to build Leviathan? Surely people who can work with timber construction and read plans are enough, with some skilled oversight.
  2. A lot of people don't realise that many "news articles" are written from media releases. Not as much actual research and report these days.
  3. red dragin

    Theme park stories

    This was me. Hated the pirate ship and Vikings ride's at Seaworld as a kid. Forced onto both of them. I was peddle boats kinda kid. In my early twenties, got into the engineering etc of roller coasters, but never wanted to ride them. Watched the POV videos etc. Mid 20's, my girlfriend (now wife) convinced me to go on Cyclone at Dreamworld during an early access day. Was very apprehensive, but went. Insisted on going straight around again!
  4. red dragin

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    Recommisioning, re-certification, ride trainer refresher, then staff refresher training. All with limited resources.
  5. red dragin

    Splash mountain retheme

    Got to be a first for around here surely?
  6. red dragin

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    Doesn't look too bad, we where never going to get anything amazing. A few subtle 'middle finger style' references to WipeOut there too. Thanks for the pics @themagician
  7. red dragin

    Splash mountain retheme

    So more a 'look at us jumping on the bandwagon (with our long term planned upgrade)' than a direct response to the current climate.
  8. red dragin

    Arkham Asylum Maintenance 2020

    I'd imagine that rides that have sat dormant likely require a fair bit of inspection, as well as staff refresher training. Especially post TRRR, there will be lots of boxes to tick.
  9. red dragin

    COVID-19 & Theme Park Closures

    @RossL thanks for the clear up, I'd read an early article on this.
  10. red dragin

    COVID-19 & Theme Park Closures

    WHO have also said that asymptomatic people don't seem to spread the virus very easily.
  11. red dragin

    COVID-19 & Theme Park Closures

    But at this point, no one has recently, to my knowledge, tested positive within Queensland with no known source of transmission (ie community transmission). They've said that we need to go through several incubation cycles (multiples of two weeks) before they can consider opening up, we must be at that point in Queensland by now.
  12. red dragin

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    As a thread hijack, if you haven't seen how most of "The Mandalorian" was filmed, check out the docos and webpages on "The Volume". Impressive shit, real time CGI backgrounds that adapt to the camera position.
  13. red dragin

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    That's a really great idea.
  14. red dragin

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    When the next section of the Metro opens, will they require that many trains for the line anyway? The moves to get those trains into service must be very inefficient as well.
  15. red dragin

    COVID-19 & Theme Park Closures

    Who sometimes carry on like a bunch of teenagers. 🙄😂