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  1. red dragin

    Dreamworld April Update

    No, it is actually a sneak peak at Dreamworld's latest rollercoaster! You ride the carriages down the gradient out of control. Then everyone gets out and pushes it back up to the top for the next riders. 😁
  2. red dragin

    Dreamworld Neon Nights Returns

    How does it go..? "The more people I meet, the more I like my dog". Humans are strange, and will complain about anything - internet forums & Facebook probably wouldn't exist otherwise!
  3. Having managed new apartment buildings built by professionals, the length of the defect list upon completion would frighten you, especially the larger issues found (not just marks and dirty floors). In one instance, a 13 floor (plus basements) building had every single penetration (go on, giggle 😁) fail as the wrong material was used to seal around where pipe/cabling went through the concrete slab. The original seals where passed by QFES inspectors prior to opening, but failed the defect inspector who came along after opening. We had a building with ~100 residents in it by the time it was picked up, that technically wasn't fire safe. This was pre-Grenfell Tower, I'd suspect if it happened today, everyone might have been made to move out until it was remedied. That building was built by one of the bigger construction companies in SEQ and passed by the Fire Department themselves, and I think is a good example of how things can be cocked up. Stretching my memory, I think the issue was that the first stage building was 5 floors, so that seal material was ok and everyone just proceeded to use it on the 13 floor building under a wrong assumption. Turns out that over a certain height you couldn't use it.
  4. red dragin

    At last. It's OPEN! ☺

    So is this one, a bit hard to drive it though 😁 (photo is quite old, it's ready to assemble now once boiler cert is issued)
  5. red dragin

    At last. It's OPEN! ☺

    Doesn't there need to be a train to drive though?
  6. red dragin

    What's gone wrong with SkyVoyager?

    I agree. Plus you've got to change them regularly, or people just don't notice them after a while.
  7. red dragin

    Movie World Maintenance 2019

    They did this last year too I think? Perhaps they have found signs of fatigue in the axle carriers, so shut it down and replace all parts?
  8. 4 would be borderline on remembering. You'll be visiting more than a park I assume, perhaps a region with something he will remember (cable car ride, zoo etc.) Something big and/or unique, rather than rides similar to home that won't stand out in his memory or impress him when looking at photos when older. I voted Singapore, it's the only place I've been, plus you've got Gardens by the Bay, the cable car and Lego land.
  9. red dragin

    USS - Expansion Minions and Nintendo

    Quite impressive that they fit that park and the back of house into that space. Also impressive is that all available roof space has greenery or solar panels on top.
  10. red dragin

    At last. It's OPEN! ☺

    It was an April Fools prank by @pushbutton
  11. red dragin

    At last. It's OPEN! ☺

    Looks to be just like the current style Dreamworld Express too - only posing as a steam train! (looks to be an electric throttle controller in the front of the tender).
  12. red dragin

    Sea World - New Ride 2020

    Pink! 😁
  13. Queensland Rail? They've just gotten sprung for basically the same thing. A driver passed a red signal. The investigation revealed that he failed testing he'd passed three times previously. Further investigations discovered that many drivers where answering questions almost the same as the marking sheet used to test them.
  14. Third lesson is "how to submit a re-zoning application".
  15. So, they've previously engaged a trainer and used a room onsite. They've now installed a sign over that room, rounded up some staff (in very cheap, thin shirts) and done a media release. Must have employed a former political media adviser.