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  1. red dragin

    Arkham Asylum Braking system

    Possibly a crook wheel bearing?
  2. Saving money, limited customers (who'd go to a park at is actually at an inquest whilst you are there) and limited staff are my bets.
  3. red dragin

    Should VRTP sell Sea World?

    Australia Zoo survives without Thrill rides. Why compete against your own product (Movie World) when there is a sector of the market that no direct competition? Currumbin Sanctuary (not marine) and Paradise Country (again not marine) are the only things close competition in the "cute and cuddly animals" tourist market on the Gold Coast.
  4. red dragin

    Disneyland Paris - Tip and Tricks?

    Don't miss Big Thunder Mountain! That's my main recommendation.
  5. Surely having competing maintenance teams might have a better outcome? You could generate additional income through commissions from the gambling websites taking bets on which team will win? 😀 For those that missed it, push was picking on the use of the word "teams" instead of "team".
  6. Push does make a point, there is more to a theme park than big thrill rides. I guess the next question is, are they managing to keep the rest of the park running?
  7. It certainly looks like the other stack is to go where the boom lift is. Screen to be on the wall that is only partially blacked out. Knocking down the entire structure and starting again would have been the way to go. Could have made a big setup, blockworked (or tilt panelled) the theater component and frame work only the rest.
  8. red dragin

    Superman Escape: Third Train

    In off peak one of the loader's also doubles as the unloader from what I have seen? Or has that changed? I once experienced two train operation with the off peak setup Joel has described. Possibly before a fright nights event? The loader/grouper on the queue side was flat out, but he kept it running so efficiently that the train was crawling up to the catch car waiting on the winch to reset. I actually wrote to the park to acknowledge his efforts (and happy demeanour!)
  9. Is that rust, or just grease from the anti-roll back/chain dog underneath the train? Not saying it is acceptable if it is just grease.
  10. True, was a bit of poetic licence used there 😁 Did the report ever get released into what happened?
  11. The members of this board understand that, but the general public don't. I lost count of the amount of times I had to explain that WWF is a very different beast to TRRR around my office. The same. We have a OnePass but haven't even thought about Dreamworld passes.
  12. Never claimed they where as bad as Dreamworld. My point was more that Movie World isn't the standard that we should be holding everyone else to, and reminding people that Village where nearly in the position themselves that Ardent are in now. Look back at the photos of the Green Lantern carriage teetering on the track, with a sole tie down strap and a brave firefighter potentially being all that stopped that carriage falling to the ground. The same reviews would have occurred, the same rides would have been shut down (TRRR may not have happened), DC Rivals probably would not have been built and both companies would be struggling along, with Ardent probably doing better out of the two.
  13. AA has a systematic approach to maintenance, with the spare bogies being rebuilt throughout the time the ride is running. But, let's not forget Green Lantern was out for extended down time (and was inches away from killing people, we have seemed to have forgotten that fact). I think Doomsday Destroyer also had some unscheduled down time recently. Scooby has looked like crap for a long time, and we where constantly harping on about how the effects didn't work in that prior to the stripping of the themeing too. Movie World isn't perfect, it's just the boot is into Dreamworld at the moment on this forum at the moment (like it was into Movie World a few months back).
  14. A Franna crane, a boom lift and a petrol demolition saw will make quick work of the section through the water park. I don't think it will be moving to a new home when the time comes to remove it. The existing station building and spiral queue building could be re-used for slide towers.