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  1. Is it possible that because the train is classed as an amusement ride and not a railway (they aren't under the supervision of the National Rail Regulator), that they've had to change the carriages to meet the new standards? This could be due to the major changes to the 'ride' (ie track shortening, new route) preventing them from grandfathering the existing carriages under the older standards. The newer route shouldn't be as tough as the curve will be less tight even though it will still have a steepish gradient to it.
  2. Is the existing maintenance shed completely gone? Perhaps they leave Rocky Hollow for now as a storage area and maintenance spur, eliminating the existing one and the gradient up to it. Would keep it all out of sight.
  3. Ah yep, my mistake. Got the whole "nah, we're not building a new coaster, just ignore that track and all that machinery" confused with the videos (how did I ever forget the world's smallest microphone!)
  4. It wasn't too bad. It's a good level of detail for the general guest, to build interest in the ride. And it's more than was ever done for DC Rivals, and I'm interested to see what comes in the next video.
  5. We paid for our internet by the hour in blocks of 50, so got good at burning through the data then disconnecting. That's when we weren't using AOL, Bigpond or other free trials.
  6. 33.6kbps dial up modem connections, however did we survive!
  7. And inadvertently you've found the post I was talking about ☺ https://www.parkz.com.au/forums/topic/7745-dc-rivals-hypercoaster-construction-discussion/?do=findComment&comment=152437
  8. Most newer Mack coasters have the little wheels under the body that supports the train, that allows the bogies to be easily accessed as they are no longer on the track. Is that what your thinking is the case here? I think there is a photo of the system somewhere in the DC Rivals thread.
  9. Generally, speaks alot of rubbish 😂 On this matter though, he said it sounds like you have a potentially (no pun intended) dangerous situation. Solar inverters should shut down if the network drops out. The reason being, say Energex crews are doing routine maintenance and cut off the power to your street. They now start working on what should be safe cables, only to receive an electric shock because your solar inverter is powering the network without their knowledge.
  10. My understanding too. I'll double check with my sparky mate on the weekend too.
  11. Didn't even remove the pump motors, just ripped them out.
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