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Jamberoo Rides a Wave of Growth

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I am usually really lazy, and dont visit links to news articles, however this one sounded interesting, so for all the other lazy people out there, here is the original article....

Jamberoo Rides A Wave of Growth 04, August 2005 An article appeared in my inbox the other day, that was pointed out to me by Jim Eddy the Manager and owner of Jamberoo Recreation Park on Sydney's South Coast. It caught my eye because not only did it reveal details about the parks expansion but even more descriptions about these unknown rides. It may be 8km from the Ocean, but Jim Eddy sees no reason why Jamberoo cant have it's own lighthouse. The owner of Jamberoo Recreation Park will press ahead with new facilities for his park - including an 8m-tall concrete lighthouse - after a bumper season why visitor numbers hit new highs. Six months after the opening of two new attractions - a beach and paddling pool for toddlers and a 250m white-water ride - the states largest remaining recreational park is planning two more. The Mammoth River Raft Ride will consist of two straight water slides and one with twists and bends falling 18m to a "splashdown plaza". And the Outback Bay wave pool will replace a dam used for power boats to offer visitors a beach with waves and a 7.88m-tall concrete lighthouse with slide. Also planned for construction during the winter will be a new entrance sign - "Jamber" - built in such a way that letters appear to float. Near the Outback pool, there will be a food kiosk, staff room, amenities block with outdoor showers and a shade pavilion. This sounds very interesting. I knew about the wave pool, but the other River Raft Ride sure looks great! Hang on for another 30days until Jamberoo reopens for the season, and there will be a massive photo update and review on the exciting expansion of this theme park.
Mammoth River? now where have I heard that before? It is good though. I enjoyed the mammoth slides at WnW, and if they are the same, It is probably going to be very similar, but without the massive queue lines..... Come on Jamberoooooooooooooo.... show QLD what New South Welshmen are made of!!!
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