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New Ski Show?

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I was just wondering if anyone has popped down yo seaworld in the last week to see the new ski show? I know it hasn't been advertised, but my uncle( who works there) said its been going for a week and that the new show has changed quite a bit. Wat are peoples opinions about it?

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I've seen the show a few times now, and I still can't commit myself to a verdict. I'd like to think its still sort of a 'work in progress', because its got a whole heap of good points going for it, like its comedy, and a brave attempt at a story. The characters are all pretty good in their own right (though why don't members of rival gang, "The mullets" actually have mullets?), Pete Millions the developer seems almost a nod to Keith Williams, and the all Aussie life saver ironman "Jock" works well, as does the DJ "Sonny Daye" (Sunny Day, get it?). Even the meter maids are a nice touch though really do seem to well and truly out stay their welcome. The Skiing itself is a real step up from Ski Challenge, with more varieties on display. Modern stuff like wake boards are used, although wakeboards are introduced by the rather bizarre line "Lets rewind things to the future and check out the wake board" rather then pretending that its only just been invented by one of the guys. A throwaway line like "Wakeboards? It'll never take off, you better throw it away like that Computer and Colour TV you invented" would fit in here too. It's got the makings of a really good show, but something about it just falls oh so short. Perhaps it’s the dancing (brave move putting that in), perhaps its the story (No real reason as to why the two rival gangs suddenly become friends is given, apart from a line like "Wouldn't you rather be dancing than fighting"), perhaps its the Meter Maids who spend all show standing on the stage doing nothing. Among the stronger points of the show are its soundtrack, with some good versions of some old classic songs (Including the particularly classy "Help me Honda" - Honda is the main sponsor), and a theme song that is just waaaay to catchy. The new boat with the frame of a car is also very clever, and the fact they’ve managed to justify getting someone to jump from the “Tower of Doom” and have it make perfect sense is amazing to me. Hopefully work will continue on the new show so it can reach its full potential, because there is allot of it in what I’ve seen. In the meantime, it’s still what I’d call a ‘Fun’ show, and defiantly worth a look next time your in the park.

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