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From the official site news item: "The massive new slide is one of the most thrilling four-person raft rides in the Southern Hemisphere" ok can they really claim this? If so why was it moved from Wnw to SW?? Can anyone give history / details of this ride I never got to ride it at Wnw before so I don't know what it's like but it obviously didn't have a long lifespan at WnW because it wasn't there last time I was at the park 10 years ago and now it's been and gone..

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Name me a more thrilling four person raft slides in the southern hemisphere. Then consider that it says "One of the most thrilling" rather then "the most thrilling", then consider it was moved from Wet "N" Wild for a bunch of stuff that didn't include ride experience, and I think you'll find the answer is a resounding "Yes". It was moved to provide a space for another high capacity "River" attraction off the "Mammoth" tower, as Plunge didn't handle as many people as the river did. It was relocated to SW since the old slides were old, and needed replacing, and the tower was (amazingly) the same height, and the ride fit in perfectly at SW. It really is that simple.

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I had a ride of it when i was up there, it wasnt bad, bit rough where the hills bottom out but it was cool going down the drops and being hit by the geyser. The queue was about 15 mins which wasnt too bad. I usually stretched around 1 whole level (so the queue started directly below the starting tub)

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