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Boardwalk Bullet Photos & Video

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Hey everyone! We had a film shoot out at Kemah Boardwalk last weekend and now I've got the photos & video to share with you all! We arrived at 9:00 in the morning and met with about 25 TPR members for a filming session that would take them through 17 rides on Texas' most aggressive, most INSANE wooden roller coaster! Let me warn you now, Boardwalk Bullet is NOT for the weak! This ride will tear you a new soul!!! If you're looking for an intense roller coaster, Boardwalk Bullet is THE place in Texas to be. The ride covers a serious amount of track in a very small, compact space. The design of the ride is fantastic, although I do have to say that some of the trackwork leaves a bit to be desired. It sort of feels like a "GCI woodie that doesn't track very well." I am told though, that a lot of the track work will get attention over the off season. That's a good thing! It was nice to see Houston get a wooden coaster so quickly after Texas Cyclone was destroyed. At least this is a tradition that will live on in Southern Texas. Anyway, onto some pictures.... boardwalkbullet01_165.jpg There sits Boardwalk Bullet. So innocent looking. It's about to make me scream like a little girl! boardwalkbullet30_100.jpg The TPR gang showed up and was ready to ride. They look happy now...I wonder if they will still look this way in 2 hours! =) boardwalkbullet33_175.jpg You guys ready to lose one of your nine lives? boardwalkbullet06_502.jpg Do NOT let that first drop fool you! This is some insane s**t!!!! boardwalkbullet79_169.jpg Just look at what it does to that perfect hair-do....let's take a closer look... boardwalkbullet81_188.jpg Hair explosion! boardwalkbullet10_159.jpg Geesus, you can't even SEE the track! boardwalkbullet57_105.jpg Everything is such a blur. boardwalkbullet27_163.jpg Once again...the track disappears out from under you. boardwalkbullet63_506.jpg KidTums wants to ride SO BAD...maybe next year? =) boardwalkbullet04_126.jpg Here's one for the lift hill enthusiats. boardwalkbullet42_166.jpg From here you can see how insanely dense the structure is. boardwalkbullet65_793.jpg Boardwalk Bullet should be the first coaster with a boat dock. boardwalkbullet72_484.jpg And just in case you have forgotten what coaster this update is about... You can download the POV video which includes tons of footage of the ride here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/files...let_640_190.zip Enjoy! --Robb Alvey www.themeparkreview.com

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See guys, this is what I'm talking about when I say an Aussie park need a woodie. I can see that sort of thing being great just plopped in at MW, just spend a bit extra on a themed queue (I think the trains on that look perfect already) and there you have a ride up there with the best here. Where are all those people who say woodies are crap now? I gotta say the 5th and 6th pictures look like fun, It's not just airtime, its hairtime.

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