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the centeral coast water slides

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does anyone whos been to the central coast or at lest toukley or so remember the old warterslide place that was there some years ago it was behind a "major"shopping centre (just not as known as to what lake haven is though)it was also behind or its now ontop of where a nursing home is and/or was i remember it having 2 slides but thats about it i always went past it via the shops centre and its the shopping centre that had/s a red rooster with it out the front is on your way from toukley to the bowling alley and the pottery loft and that new ken duncan photo gallery plz help ;):blink::rolleyes::unsure::huh::o

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If you're talking about the waterslides that were at Forresters Beach? They had one of those "Kamikaze" 2/3 dip fast body slides and two normal waterslides. Horrendously overpriced and ridden with graffiti. It was actually a couple of kilometres down the road from a shopping centre called Bay Village, which is in Bateau Bay. Lake Haven has a shopping centre but it's a hole so lets not go there. I went there what, like twice? I'd be happy to help out on any other questions you need answered.

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