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Going to Lotte World in Seoul, Korea

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Hi mate I've been there a few times; it's a great little park, lots to see and do. Atlantis is a very cool ride with a really surprising start. There are plenty of other well and truly screwed up rides there, including an underground spinning coaster and an absolutely stunning Indiana Jones-esque ride with a queue that is almost as good as the ride itself. Make sure you take the time to really explore the park - there is some awesome theming especially inside, and their night time parades (which are seasonal) are nothing short of spectacular. Huge production values, lighting rigs that descend from the ceiling... all that sort of stuff. The indoor balloon ride that meanders around the roof of the dome is well worth the trip just so you can look down on the place and take in the enormity of it all. That said, it's an incredibly popular park and the few times that I have been there (at different times of the year too) the park fills up incredibly quickly - I've waited in excess of 90 mins for Atlantis, and seen the queue close for the Indy ride. Make sure you're there for the opening and I'd suggest running to get to the Atlantis area. FYI there is a well hidden entrance to the outdoor part of the park which is directly across the road from the Charlotte Theatre that fewer people use - it's also much closer to Atlantis so you might want to consider using this. Hope you have fun, let me know if you need any more info! rich

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I think Everland is further out from Seoul city. Lotte World is a few mins on the subway.
Yeah Everland is about 40mins on the bus. Lotte World is right on top of the Jamsil subway station which is only about 15mins on the subway from the centre of town. rich
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