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No but it is the huss version in the pictures, the ride height is only about 40m or so, it is a bit of lucky dip as to whether you get a good view or not, one way looks over an industrial area/clearing site and the other way looks after the park from the top of the hill over the lake and as far as the eye can see.

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And you people would just love the theming they didnt even bother to build a permament base/area for it and they just built it using the carnival base and ticket box.
That's just awful. Maybe this place should concentrate on waterslides and forget about trying to be a 'theme park'. Some of their slides seem quite okay and they could become more of a Jamberoo style park
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I was there last Saturday and went for a spin on it. As has already been said its nothing compared to the giant drop, or the batwing spaceshot. It looks alot faster than it actually is when you get on it, tho the first rise was kind of unexpected. As already said its literally a trailer based ride, setup as such. It does however look like its only temporarily setup this way but. There's a fair amount of clearing/construction going on around it, so i would say its just been setup asap so riders can enjoy it this season. Hopefully, being how small the foot print of the ride is vs how large the area is they might add something else. btw yes it is the Goetzke ride, it has that written all over the bottom of it.

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