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  1. elemist

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    Out of interest - whats the difference between a Top Spin and something like The Rampage at Adventure World?
  2. elemist

    One product/service you would like at our theme parks

    Totally agree - it's something i learned working in a fast food chain. They had a procedure that managers had to do a walk around of the store every hour inside and out. Not saying it always happened every hour, but you could easily tell when it wasn't being done.
  3. I used to work with a Grace who married a guy with the last name Grace, and became Grace Grace. Does anyone else agree these should already be in place? Like seriously, do rides get operated by untrained and incompetent staff now?Are there not already inspection processes in place? Do the parks not already have safety management systems? Also i hope there's log books in place now too? So what exactly are they changing? This sounds like a whole lot of hot air about things that are already in place.. Are they planning to now actually inspect and enforce these things? To me it reads like - we had all these requirements in place, but basically on an honour system, so now we'll actually do our jobs and enforce them! Also the paint stripping thing is a bit of a joke - this is the exact reason for NDT. If this is acceptable for offshore subsea equipment to have NDT without stripping paint, then should be more than sufficient for amusement rides. Honestly the scariest part of these recent ride failures is that the processes and procedures that are already in place weren't being followed. That's the biggest lapse here, and the hardest thing to enforce/stop recurrences of. The only way i can see it happening is actual penalties for the management in charge of enforcing these, and third party inspections by approved government inspectors.
  4. Will the video / photos shown in the inquest be released to the public at the conclusion?
  5. Everyone's out to cover their own asses here, always the way in any fault finding mission. What hasn't been clearly stated - that i've found - is whether or not the e stop was actually triggered. The operator says they did, the trainer and police officers seem to indicate that it *may* not have been. If its found that it wasn't triggered, then the operators may be at least in a small way responsible. Ultimately operating a ride is a serious business, and a big responsibility. There should be consequences to not performing your job, especially given there was 4 fatalities. I'm pretty sure what they've been through, and will continue to go through for the rest of their lives is punishment enough though. Now before anyone goes after me with a pitch fork and flaming torch, i do believe Dreamworld are clearly at fault. Also even if the operators didn't trip the e stop, there's so many contributing factors such as confusion around how it worked, instructions to only use certain buttons in certain circumstances, whether it was confusing/labelled correctly etc etc. What i'm personally finding confronting is how any of these issues were allowed to occur. I expect these kind of safety issues to happen in some third world country where safety inspectors get paid off to look the other way, not here in Australia where we have morals and ethics, not to mention fines and enforcement. I guess what i'm saying is that despite cheaper tickets, run down appearances and other obvious corner cutting - you still assume the park is safe. I've found talking to a lot of people about the incident prior to the inquest were very much of the default opinion that this was just a freak accident, and that ultimately the park was safe.. having heard a few of these testimony's i'm not sure i will ever go back to Dreamworld - at least under the current management. If it's determined that Dreamworld are at fault - i really hope there's actual punishment for the people involved, not just fines to the company.
  6. elemist

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb

    Has to be either iScoobie, or maybe Scoobie Coaster 2.0 for sure.. OOOOhh i know! Scooby McScoobface!
  7. elemist

    Current Sea World Thoughts (2018)

    I agree with the activist and do-gooder issues with the animal attractions, but if you take away the animal attractions then Sea World becomes what?? Why is it even needed at that point? They would be better closing the park completely and diverting all the funds to Movie World / Wet n Wild. I would much prefer to see 2 awesome parks, rather than 3 average parks.
  8. elemist

    Current Sea World Thoughts (2018)

    Wild idea.. but do they need to invest in rides at Sea World. I mean they already have two other parks that are all about the rides, Sea World is more about the animals. I've always found the strategy of having three separate parks really odd, i mean that significantly increases overhead, and reduces the overall investments made in the park.
  9. I was reading this yesterday... phenomenal. Though the next questions that should be asked is how in the hell did this get certified for the public to use. I thought the whole concept of approvals and oversights was so this type of thing couldn't happen!
  10. How.. selfless.. of them.. i'm sure having globally recognized athletes posting photos and updates about enjoying their time at the park's won't have any benefit to the park's at all /sarcasm haha good on them for giving it to the Volunteers too though, that part's definitely giving back!
  11. elemist

    Glubbo's 2005 DW & MW Photos.

    ah the good old Vomatron.. have fond memories of this at the Perth Royal Show.
  12. elemist

    Theme Parks vs Cruise Ships

    I don't think it's specific to cruises, but just a general reaction to the overall reduction in price of international travel including cruising. I would suggest in years gone by it's been a case of the only affordable option was a local domestic holiday. However now, for similar cost you can take a cruise or travel internationally. So whilst people will still come visit the gold coast once, there would be a lot less repeat business. We have the same problem in WA where it's regularly far cheaper to fly to Bali for a week, than to take a long weekend down south in Margaret River. Hell i've seen holiday packages to Bali in 5* accommodation for a week inc flights for less than just the return flights to Broome. Another thing not really taken into consideration in most of the figures mentioned in other postings is the actual cost of living whilst on holiday. This is especially prevalent when comparing to cruises or most Asian destinations. On your Gold Coast holiday you could easily add a couple of thousand for food and activities - 3 meals a day plus snacks, also the various attractions (Ripley's, Q1 skydeck etc), not to mention any tours you do. With cruising it's typically all inclusive of food / activities etc - sure there's up charge options for on shore tours and restaurants, but you could have just as good a time without buying them. With Asian destinations the cost of food and activities is generally significantly cheaper. You can get a 3 course meal with drinks for $10, you can hire a driver/tour guide for the day for $100.
  13. elemist

    Mark Shaw's 2017 CEO Sleepout fundraiser

    Might want to adjust your link iwerks - that links straight to your receipt for your donation.
  14. I think the biggest difference between AW and the east coast parks is i expect majority of the visitors are locals. Sure we have some tourists, but nothing like what the gold coast gets. This means the park really needs to keep innovating and adding new experiences to justify people returning and spending money. If they stop investing into new attractions they'll be fine for 2 - 3 years and people will get bored and stop going or at least going less. For example my personal experience - i used to have a season pass every year back around 99 - 2000 ish. However after the Power Surge they invested into the Kids areas, and a couple of water slides - none of which were really epic or a draw card of any sort. So from memory i went once the year after the Power Surge was installed and then i don't think i went again until Inferno was put in. Following that it was another few years until Abyss was installed before i returned. As mentioned the park only opens for ~half the year, so that would reduce it's operational costs quite significantly in comparison to the east coast parks. Rides are expensive to operate - and running rides with 1 - 2 riders during low seasons or mid week don't cost a whole lot less that running it full to capacity. Also given the lack of competition or alternatives people will actually visit whilst the parks open. Basically it's not like they're missing out of alot of business by being closed for half the year, instead those people will come when the park reopens and they run at capacity for those few months. So TLDR - they need to keep investing to keep people coming back. If they stop investing, people will stop coming. I don't think the level of investment is way out there in consideration of the returns they're seeing. The MI's are done every 2 years right, so that's 2.5 - 3 mil every year being put aside and reinvested into the park. If the park keeps growing and attracting more visitors - and really the only way for that to happen is to keep investing - then it will become sustainable. Especially as theirs no investors queuing up with their hands out wanting a return every year, there's no reason the money can't get all reinvesting into the park. I expect we'll see the MI's move to every 3 years soon or maybe even 4 years with a smaller attraction added in the alternate 2 years (~3mil). The more rides AW has, the more capacity is has to soak up crowds and thus get more bodies through the doors on the days it's open.
  15. elemist

    Adventure World - History (80s & 90s)

    Skip the opening hours.. Can we have those prices!! haha These are awesome photos - so great to see how far the park has come.