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This took a while for me to get around to posting the review, I did have intentions of having them all done last week but some stuff came up. Anyway, enjoy Knotts Berry Farm - The first non-Disney stop on the trip. Initial impressions? Not good. But for some reason I walked into the park and didn't even notice Ghostrider off in the distance. Yea, I don't know how I missed it either. After wandering around the park a bit my impressions quickly changed. For such an old park, it isn't really showing its age too much. Anyway, firstly to get there we took a bus from near the hotel which cost us $1.50 each way. Turns out $1.50 will get you anywhere on the route one way. Pretty damn cheap. Anyway back to the park. As we were travelling with kids, we spent a bit of time in Camp Snoopy. Pretty decent place for kids with a mix of rides to keep them entertained. Not really much else to review about it. I didn't bother with Sierra Sidewinder as it wasn't really a drawcard for me. There is one place there I'm not really sure if it's in Camp Snoopy or just past it but there was a building there which would have previously housed some kind of coaster but has now been turned into a food outlet. Any ideas what was there? Fiesta Village is your young teen type area with a couple of carnival type rides as well as Montezooma's Revenge which was closed at the time, even if it was open, for what it does I don't really think I would have bothered to wait through that queue. On to the rides I did go on, and firstly Jaguar. For a kids ride it's actually pretty decent. Almost 800m of track winds around some trees and through the loop of one of the rides. I was actually really impressed with the ride. Xcelerator - I really liked this one. Think superman escape but 130kph in 2.3sec and 62m high. Very good fun and if time allowed I would have ridden it many more times. Ghostrider. At this point, my new favourite coaster (keep in mind I hadn't done SFMM yet). This is the only coaster I've ever been on (incl SFMM) that has given me the "OMG holy crap I'm going to die!" feeling on. It was an unbelievable ride. First wooden coaster I've been on and the experience is something I recommend every coaster fan do. Unfortunately due to time contraints I could only do all these rides once. I wouldn't have minded riding Windseeker however that would have been a little difficult as the tower wasn't even finished being constructed. Not really sure how to describe the ride, so I'll let Knotts do that "WindSeeker will feature 32, 2-person gondolas that will ascend to a height of 301 feet. Once it has reached the top of the tower, WindSeeker will spread it's metal arms swinging riders for a 60 second flight at a 45 degree angle at a speed of 8 rotations per minute." Not really much else was done at the park apart from eat at the "Coasters" cafe. Pretty decent standard theme park food. The rest of the rides there were either closed, too busy (Silver bullet had a wait of over an hour and a half or I would have done that) or water rides which it was too damn cold for. Overall: 8/10 (Thanks to Ghostrider) Rides: 8/10 (Again thanks to Ghostrider and Xcelerator) Food: 7/10 Theming: 6/10 (Really the only themed area is Ghost Town but it's done well) And some pictures... IMG_4065.jpg IMG_4070.jpg IMG_4069.jpg IMG_4114.jpg IMG_4118.jpg IMG_4098.jpg IMG_4125.jpg IMG_4123.jpg

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I'm glad someone else shares my awesome opinion of Ghostrider because it feels like it will kill you! I don't know what that building was, nothing been there for a long long time. As for Monte, if it was open it would be worth it. It has an intensity to it that no other shuttle coaster matches, especially that loop!

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Nice pics LOL....totally agree ghostrider was my first woodie and it shook the crap out of me, Xcelerator is alot of fun but anybody who things mick doohan coaster is not that great should ride the pony express at boring

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