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Flume Ride @ Aussie World

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Ok, very few photos but they are what they are. And no, I didn't do the requests. f8f019ed349d8a24b9965f80f7fb1abb.jpg 6a4946d73ab005e8d4602744934153f1.jpg Redback and front of leak n logs 30ff97de75a92a3f8868f25b557a28b4.jpg 7061f644b4a1df6ae6a58614d0779322.jpg Plunge shoots 40beaf5244573c02bf518dc61906bccc.jpg c469483355b16c959610bf0576df33c2.jpg Leak n logs.. There ya go. I rode the wild mouse and actually feared for my life... I think that by far is the scariest ride I have been on in my life. Lots of fun! For some reason red back seemed faster than dw version. For $29 is pretty good value and it was dead when I was there at 10am. Dodgy iPad pics so sorry for the quality.

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Damn.l was going to do my best to accommodate to...

A leaf on the ground at a 45 degree angle to the 2nd ticket booth from the left

Ask and you shall receive... The smaller of the two bends is in place. Above you can see more flume pieces. More track. This shot also shows the flume ride's proximity to The Giant Redback. A

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Thanks for this!! I visited Aussieworld for the first time in January and was very impressed by the place!!! My wife and 2 kids had a ball and we will definitely return in the near future!! Its great to see that the park is still growing!! Hopefully next year they will work on their plans to acquire another major ride. It really only needs another 2 big additions for it to become a major destination. I think a second roller coaster, whilst being very desirable, is a number of years away from fruition. But more power to this fantastic park which in some ways does so many things better than the majors!!!

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I'm pretty sure a $1 million attraction was suggested in a news article? A million is easily enough to buy a decent flat ride, then they could consider a coaster for 2014/2015. Aussie World is doing well, so a couple of large attractions isn't out of the equation, especially considering their recent additions - nobody expected 4 new family attractions for 2011 and 2012.

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