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Captain Sturt Closed at Dreamworld


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21 minutes ago, joz said:

That's another part of it though. Why is there a bush ranger show at Dreamworld now though? Dreamworld used to have River Town, Rocky Hollow, and Gold Rush, all themed lands which while not expressly about bushrangers, fit hand in glove with them. What do bushrangers have to do with Dreamworld now? 'It used to fit with the theme of the park' isn't a good answer.

That’s it. And then if you rebuild the Captain Sturt, it’s not travelling between three country themed lands anymore, you’ll have a 19th century paddle boat docking between a kid’s area, a fake boat, a green concrete jungle of a coaster entryway and the remnants of an opening day building that’s been all but abandoned.

If I were rescuing Dreamworld, building a boat is not the solution. 

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On 15/01/2022 at 10:21 PM, joz said:

I would not like to see it return. The Dreamworld it made sense in died many years ago. I would like to see a boat ride on the river, even using the same track if possible, but more on the scale of Jungle Cruise or Cedar Point's western river expedition.

I like the idea of an 'Aussie' jungle cruise. They've shown a willingness to have a few 'aussie jokes' thrown in with the SV and ST videos - if you could get people who were willing to play the part of Skipper well - I think a uniquely Australian take on Jungle Cruise would be an absolute winner - Given the infrastructure in place, and the fact that they can't do anything with the murrisippi to remove it, running a few little clippers on the river, chucking a few effects and writing a kick-ass script... it wouldn't take long to screen the river from the pathways surrounding it to make it a real private feel... I wish that this was realistic!

22 hours ago, themagician said:

The river has been looking pretty good for the last few months, so I think they’ve finally done something to tidy it up.

I meant to mention this in my trip the other week. It was just as overgrown and covered in algae or whatever  as i've ever seen it, so while I don't doubt your pictures, it doesn't take very long at all for it to grow back. Something kinetic on the river to keep it stirred up and stop it collecting and multiplying is needed - running boats - or at the very least a couple of water spouts, fountains, wheels, anything to churn it up and oxygenate the water would be better than letting it sit motionless.

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