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Wet n Wild - Surprisingly, today I'm alive

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So this is written in the voice of a customer talking to a proprietor - but you've posted it here - to enthusiasts.... did you also post this on their facebook wall?

So let me get this straight - you observed the antics in the food outlet, you paid a fortune for the meal, you found it substandard in almost every way included edibility and a risk of food borne illness...

...and you continued to eat it.

Thats just stupid.

Apart from the fact that cooked beef and bacon is unlikely to harbour much in the way of food borne nasties (it can, but its not the common offender), if there was soemthing so wrong with it - take it back. If they can't replace it because they've shut down (what were you doing eating lunch at 3pm???) then they should refund it... but we'll never know if they did or not because you never tried.

Regarding the Calypso Fabio - you've cast a negative opinion on him because he looks after himself well... you have no other information about him, so i'll take your assessment of his ability with a tablespoon of salt.

Sure, maintenance was a little out, but it's hardly something to complain about when the park is operating an attraction when the website says they won't be - thats 'bonus' right there. As for Tornado - things happen... maintenance lasts longer or doesn't go to plan. Go back and find all the 'maintenance' discussion threads on these boards over the last 10 years and you'll see that sometimes it runs longer than they anticipate. They can't open a ride that isn't ready to be open just because they said they were going to (and the spanner jockeys aren't the web monkeys, so sometimes the website is gunna be wrong too)

You went on a wednesday (midweek) in the final week before school holidays. WHilst guaranteed to be a quiet day for you, you can also bet that the park is going to be bracing itself for the onslaught of a busy holiday season, so generally you can expect:

  1. weekday staffing to be cut a little to bulk up for the first weekend of the holidays
  2. maintenance furiously running around to get everything right

While I don't condone the park operating on skeleton crews, serving poor food, or maintenance blowouts, its sometimes the best business decision to make and so for that reason - you have to expect it may happen sometimes.

If you want good food - eat during peak times when it's cooked fresh.

if you want all attractions open - go in peak times when everyone else does.

Whilst i have no idea who the person was you saw at calypso bay (and don't know anyone who works at WnW at all), the descriptors you use, and the assumptions you make (steroid induced) only point me to the fact that i need to treat everything you say as absolute bullshit.

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Alex, are you sure you don't work in the marketing department? Mate I've been around the block long enough to know a thing or two and work in marketing and communications with the travel and tourism industry and trained for years in hospitality management and food and beverage to know whats right and what's wrong.

You contradict and justify your responses enough to tell me that you don't know what you're talking about.

I know a park has to make money. I simply don't believe some of the decisions made in their operations are right or sustainable long term and will eventually lead to heavily reducing brand quality.

I don't want to create a fuss over anything, as a parkz member and long time viewer I just wanted to share my opinion with fellow members like I have seen others do in the past.


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There are enough people here on these boards that know me to confirm that I am in no way an employee or affiliate of VRTP, their parks, offices or other tourism attractions. I know several people who are, however they do not supply me with information that isn't already in the public domain, and any and all of my words are my own.

I am an avid park fan, a former employee of Wonderland Sydney (which does give me an insight into the operations of the park from a back-of-house perspective).

Where have I contradicted myself?

And I provide the justification I do to give the person reading my response an idea of why i'm making the statements I do. 'too much' justification doesn't imply I don't know what i'm talking about. I'm writing based on my previous knowledge, and a couple of well educated guesses.

You don't want to create a fuss over anything, but they'll hear from your lawyer if you got sick today.

Newsflash - if you'd worked in hospitality management and food and beverage, you'd know that food borne illness can take a week (sometimes more) to show any symptoms.

You're just the same as those whingers on the facebook page of large corporations like woolworths and coles, where you want to whinge and whine about how poor the service quality was, but yet you won't actually do anything to address the situation, like take the food back to the counter, or speak to the customer service (guest relations) desk. So don't crap on about how you don't want to make a fuss after the diatribe you just posted under the extraordinarily dramatic title of 'surprisingly, today i'm alive'.

"Attention seeker"

"drama queen"

...and others i won't say as they stray from facts and become insulting.

and of course the original post has been deleted... how convenient.

is it just me, or does the writing style seem to match up to XRichardCollins81?

Edited by AlexB

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I don't know what the original post said but I had a day at Wet'n'Wild a couple of weeks ago and found the park to be great.

Friendly staff, good rides and a well-presented, fun place for people of all ages.

But we didn't buy any food............

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it's been said many times that the food isn't necessarily 'good value' but they still make a decent edible burger... it's just not worth $20.

If the OP's burger was as bad as he suggested (and if he was as concerned with it making him sick as he suggested) then i'm gobsmacked why he wouldn't have taken it back to the counter, or otherwise complained to guest relations... not even to register a complaint to come back on the next day if he was ill... yet somehow thinks his lawyer is going to fare well against the big corporation.

I'm not surprised to hear about your experience Flea - its the kind of experience I expect to hear about at our parks in 90% of cases. There ARE let downs - i've mentioned a few myself in my time, but usually I will take the time to pass feedback to guest relations if i feel it's warranted... and I always make my case with a very objective viewpoint... ie: I don't make the fact that the employee is impeccably presented, looks after his body (and by account, apparently has large muscles and facial acne) an issue that implies that the worker is somehow less capable as a person...

I'm not sure whether forum admin or community leaders can restore the original post, but since it was exaggerated at the least, or bullshit at the extreme, it's probably not worth it...

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And let's face it, anytime you are a 'captive' to the food and drink outlets, be it theme park, sports stadium, etc, etc the food and drink is over-priced and fairly ordinary.

We always take our own to the parks and despite it being prohibited have never had an issue taking it in.

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thats the thing though - WnW GC allow you to take in non-commercial food... whereas all the other parks do not.

WWW also do. The other parks say your not aloud to, but a few snacks in a bag are fine (I've done that plenty of times). I just usually leave an esky in the car with sandwiches and other food in, so when i leave I either get a stamp out or just scan my pass again.

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thats the thing though - WnW GC allow you to take in non-commercial food... whereas all the other parks do not.

They say they do not but in 10 years we have taken food in I have never once had an issue with it and we certainly don't use any covert means.

We have a genuine reason for doing it but have never even been asked.

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