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  1. I must admit I wasn't looking at it with more accomodation being available which would obviously change things as I can't see the day-to-day park crowds going for it and it's too far out to be a regular night attraction. I think there's a massive difference when comparing to bowling though because bowling is accessible to anyone of any age and ability. Unless you play golf already, golf (outside of mini golf) is basically inaccessible to everyone.
  2. I'm a golf fanatic but I find this a really strange move for Movieworld. Can't see it being an attraction for families and there are many more interesting options for golf on the Gold Coast.
  3. Would be a good idea if the relevant info was available well before that point, certainly at the gate and even better on the website. No idea if that is the case or not.
  4. BigKev

    What is your favourite and worst ride of all time?

    I understand that criticism and it is certainly not the most comfortable ride but personally I have never found it to be any worse than that. I hear more whinging from my family about the uncomfortableness of the Scooby Doo lapbar, but the only ride I find to hurt like hell is the Road Runner Rollercoaster after the sudden braking causes knees to crash into the front of the car.
  5. BigKev

    What is your favourite and worst ride of all time?

    Yep, agree 100%.
  6. BigKev

    What parks do you like best

    Concur with the sentiments expressed by many thus far. DW the stand out park for me, a multitude of different ride experiences and a good, full day of activity, as well as having a nice range of 'other' experiences; animals, Tiger show, Outback show etc..... Of the other parks I rate SW higher than MW because of the variety on offer and I am probably harder on MW because I usually find their shows to be quite mediocre. Water park wise, I see WnW as being a superior park, I must admit I look at WWW as being more of a nice add-on to DW rather than a park in its own right.
  7. BigKev

    VRTP Membership

    Bit rude for Village to flog the same pass for 99 to their subscribers, then for 89 the next week.
  8. BigKev

    VRTP Membership are selling a VIP Pass with an unlimited entry into the three parks and Paradise Country until June for 89.95. 1488 sold to date.
  9. BigKev

    Sea World maintenance

    Another reason to keep the monorail is it is the only (albeit less than ideal) link between the resort and public transport. A lot of tourists take advantage of the excellent GC public transport network but the bus stop is a long hike from the resort, and with small kids the best option is to jump on the monorail and then walk out the front gate to the bus stop.
  10. I can't see it being bad for the existing parks. If they capture a large Chinese market there will be a river of tourists running right into the area the parks are in. No-one goes on holiday and only visits one place.
  11. Clearly pretty serious if they have funded the creation of direct flights as well.
  12. I guess it depends on whether or not it is a river or a water feature.
  13. On the plus side, we can now officially measure how slow these morons are, although 10 years is a little less than i would have predicted I must admit.
  14. I've mentioned before that I suspect the complaining about the river is generally done by 'city' dwellers. It always looks pretty typical to me, the only issue is the rubbish and that is just a reflection of ordinary people and hard for Dreamworld to manager.
  15. BigKev

    Suggestions please!

    I fly with all of them all the time, never had an issue beyond a short delay with Tiger.