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Hope dim for sick bear 'Kanook the polar bear is suffering kidney failure and may have to be put down, Gold Coast theme park Sea World said yesterday. Kanook, a 19-year-old female, arrived at Sea World from a polar bear exhibit in Arizona on November 20, 2000. It has been given steriod medication since it was diagnosed with kidney failure during a routine health check. "This condition will progress and euthanasia may become an option if Kanook's health continues to deteriorate," a Sea World spokesman said yesterday. The park did not specify when the polar bear may have to be put down.' From The Daily Telegraph, Tuesday 20th April 2004. This is very sad news as the bears are a fantastic part of Sea World. "The Bus is now leaving for Polar Star Mine, Victoria"

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http://www.roller-coaster.com.au/article.php?aid=8 It is very very sad news. I know I haven't seen her in the exhibit in quite some time - it's often just Ping Ping alone out there or the two cubs. The situation really is unfortunately inevitable. Apparently a lot of people are contacting the park with support, and many offering weird and wonderful remedies and ancient family recipes that are supposed to help the conditon. Sadly though, the condition really is inevitable. The park's seeking out a new bear to fill the gap that Kanook will leave. These bears are fascinating. They're one of the most interesting animals I've ever seen the way they interact together and play nonstop.
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just a update for you guys Kanook is eating much better now which is a good thing and comes out just before opening to walk around the attraction before getting tired and heading in to her Air Condition Den for the rest of the day.

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