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Sea World update - April 2017

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Visited Sea World today for the first time in ages, so thought I'd do a post about it for those interested, since the park hasn't been discussed for a while. Although be warned in advance, there isn't a huge amount to really report. 

No real visual changes with the Vikings Flume ride as yet, the ride appears to have been sitting stagnant since its closure. Although worth mentioning that the sound of power tools could be heard coming from the roof of the castle earlier this morning, not sure if related or not but would make sense if it was lol:





The park was fairly busy for the last day of interstate school holidays, Ray Reef was pulling in quite a modest sized crowd around its first presentation time:


Still no real movement happening for the water park either, although some relatively new signage has gone up along the monorail fence:


Today was World Penguin Day (well, officially it's Tuesday but the park was celebrating today to avoid Anzac Day conflict) so naturally they had some celebrations happening for the event, including a free prebooked arts & crafts workshop for kids:




Plus discounted Penguin merch for today only:



(Obligatory penguin photo for World Penguin Day lol):


The Gold Coast's one and only Monorail is looking good, if not a bit bare now since all its in-park advertising was stripped off a while ago:


The Our World of the Dolphin show is still taking place at the pool near the front of the park, although I decided not to wait around for an hour to see it (maybe next time lol:



The Storm Coaster was slow to open this morning, witnessed what appeared to be numerous test cycles focused on the brake runs before it eventually opened to the public around 11am:


All in all it was a nice day to visit the park weather wise this morning, despite not having any real signs of improvement work happening anywhere. Hopefully they will start soon, I suspect Sea World will be next in line once they finish dolling up WB Movie World 👍


So yeah, that's what's happening and not happening at Sea World of late lol ☺️

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