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Fright Nights Reviews (2017)

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Event just finished, will do a full proper review tomorrow but I will say this

Jigsaw is my favourite maze out of all the mazes so far and I think it will be the maze that will please a lot of people

UTT Experience is much better than what it was last year 

Didn’t get the chance to watch any of the shows so I can’t comment on them

Zombie Termination was ok, very similar to the offerings at Knott’s but I wouldn’t do it again

How I rate the mazes as of the moment

1: Jigsaw

2: Conjuring 2

3: Halloween

4: FDTD 

IDK but Conjuring 2 and FDTD felt a lot more better tonight than what they were last year 

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Here’s my short & sweet review from tonight. (Spoilers)

Arrived at 5:30 & went to see the opening ceremony at 6. Not a bad opening ceremony but could have been better (I was expecting all them to run down the street at us, however they didn’t & it just felt like no one knew if it had finished yet or not 😂) 

Maze Number 1 - From Dusk til Dawn 

Same old. Same old. Still not a great maze and only had about 5 actors when we went through. It was worth the 1 minute we waited for it though :P 3/10

Maze Number 2 - Halloween

Not too bad of a maze. There is a lot of Michael Myers actors in there.. about 5 or 6 I think. I feel like this maze reused a few props from previous mazes such as Friday the 13th, Wyrmwood & Wolf Creek. A few good scares here & there but nothing that blew me away. 6/10

Maze Number 3 - Jigsaw

I really loved the actors & their costumes in this maze. The main character that rides the little bike in the first scene looks amazing. The pig actor scares in this maze were my favourite. 7/10

Maze Number 4 - The Conjuring 2

The scenes in this maze really make it for me. The Kitchen room, the swing set room, the bedroom scene. Just awesome. The sound effects in every room are just perfect & give off a creepy vibe. This maze doesn’t have the best scares (they even took away the bungee scares 😢) but because of the theming, I just love it. 8/10


This is the first time I’ve chosen a returning maze as my favourite. I just happened to enjoy The Conjuring 2 the most out of them. Maybe I just didn’t get the greatest of run throughs on the new mazes. 


- Halloween had a very short line at the start of the night. This was due to everyone seeing Jigsaw first and jumping in line, not realising Halloween was just up the path a bit more with a tiny line. I suggest you do this first. 

- From Dusk Til Dawn only had about a 10 minute wait from the whole time I was over in that area. 

- Jigsaw was the longest line of the night at about a 50 minute wait. Perhaps if you can get into this line at the very start of the night when it’s a short line, do this one first & then head to Halloween straight after. 

- DC Rivals was PACKED! Checked the line at about 7:45/8 and it had a 75min wait in the General Queue. I suggest getting a fast track or just save $5 and go backwards :) (Backwards at nighttime on the first drop looking up at the lit up joker face is amazing!) 


To sum it all up. Not a great fright night & definitely not my favourite. Let’s hope this is like every years first night & it gets better from here on. I still enjoyed the night but there is definitely room for improvement.



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My review:

Arrived just before 5:30, and was pretty close to the front of the crowd to go to the mazes.

Since we were almost right at the front of the crowd, and Jigsaw was right there, we were part of the third group in. It was okay, but didn't blow me away. Theming and lighting effects were amazing, but there were really only 1 or 2 good scares I got (probably the biggest was the guy with the chainsaw outside since I wasn't expecting anything else when I got out). I did find that the flashing lights made it a bit hard to get a good look at some of the actors. A bit shorter than Conjuring and FDTD since it shared a shed with Halloween. When we got out the queue would've been at least half an hour (maybe closer to 45m). Overall, 6/10 for me.

Next up we headed around to the back of the shed to Halloween. 5-10 minute wait here, the tucked away entrance would explain this. A lot of Michael Myers actors in there, so much so if you tried hard enough you could probably catch two of them at once. I got a few good scares in here. Again, a little short though. 7.5/10.

We then headed around to The Conjuring 2. Longest maze wait of the night for me, 20-30 minutes (but this didn't seem to get any longer as the night progressed). Also the best maze of the night. The theming inside is fantastic, so many great special effects with rattling doors and moving furniture. Some pretty good scares too. I really like how part of the queue is indoors, and they use the showstage lights to their advantage (and there's even some light theming). 9/10.

After hanging around main street for a bit, we moved over to DC Rivals. Yep, this is where all the crowds were. Queue was advertised as 60 minutes, was closer to 75 for us, and since at one point the queue got all the way out to the test seat I'd guess it probably got to 90 minutes at one point. They had to close the queue at 8 since the queue was so long. Even the Fast Track queue extended to the bottom of the ramp (and would've been at least 15 minutes). Luckily the ride experience made up for it, at night it was the most insane experience I've had on this ride, apart from the backwards row (now imagine backwards at night!). It felt a lot faster than it did during the day, and because of this the twists were a lot snappier and the forces were much more extreme. And I finally got the row 3 ride I was wanting :P . Was it worth the 75 minute wait? Probably not, but I'm very glad I did it. 10/10 (of course).

Finally we headed over to From Dusk Til Dawn. About a 15 minute queue. Not my favourite maze. I like how they've tried to add a bit of a storyline, and the theming is pretty decent, but there were no good scares at all. Quite long, but a little boring honestly. 4/10.

Overall I really enjoyed it, but there was definitely room for improvement. Really confused as to why Jigsaw and Halloween shared a shed, they both could've been 8 or 9/10 mazes if they made them longer. Crowds were quite low around the mazes since everyone was at DC Rivals, if you were happy to skip DC Rivals I think you could've gotten each of the mazes done several times (except for maybe Jigsaw).

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