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4 hours ago, themagician said:

I haven’t ever been to HHN, but have watched plenty of videos/vlogs from the last couple of years. You can’t really compare them. It’s like trying to compare Disney to our parks, you just can’t do it. They have a bigger budget and greater access to IPs/characters. HHN pays way more attention to detail and has some unique ways to scare people. If FNs has a budget 5x bigger (and the right team), then it probably could be as big/good as HHN. I definitely think FN has improved these last couple of years and definitely think you should go next year (if you don’t want to get to the park early to buy a ticket in park). HHN is a fine dining restaurant, while FNs is a buffet - it has pretty much everything the big boys have, but just isn’t quite to the standard.

Thank you for the response, I was considering going to FN this year as well before I saw all the sellouts and remembered how bad the crowds were without selling out in past years.

I was also pretty surprised that FN managed to get the rights for Zombieland and IT, and they were the real drawcard for me to maybe give it a go. HHN also utilized the Zombieland IP for a scarezone (although it was probably the weakest scarezone at the event).

I might give it a go next year, but I am planning my trip to HHN30 already so I will see if I have the funds.

7 minutes ago, Zanstabar said:

This year suffers from some of the same issues you've mentioned here. Every night as far as I know has been a sellout, leading to some pretty large crowds. While daunting at first, they certainly don't seem as bad as in previous years. Wait times for some mazes seem to drop pretty dramatically by 9 pm. 

Thank you for the response. Have the events sold out in previous years at FN, I don't remember seeing anything about sellouts last year at least. It is a positive at least that MW has put a cap on the attendance, the last time I went it seemed extremely oversold, which would be fine if there was enough for the masses to do or enough time to do it imo. If they can't stay open later, then close the park early and start FN at 4pm would be my plan.

I probably wont go for a few years at least, I plan on doing the next two years HHN30 and 31 so I have no reason to put myself through FN pain again. 

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