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  1. Wonderland Operator

    Katoomba Coaster

    Ive heard rumors of the single rail coaster at the 3 sisters in Katoomba being modified to pass safety tests so it can open to the public. can anybody find out about this
  2. Wonderland Operator

    Billy the ride operator

    Hey guys if anyone is going to wonderland soon say hi to Billy for me
  3. Wonderland Operator

    What(In my opinon) Wonderland needs!

    While clone rides are great fo the Australian population i think wonderland needs a first if its kind ride of any type to aim for an international crowd, Sydney is visited by millions of overseas tourists every year and multitudes of these never even hear of wonderland. A first of its kind would not only boost Wonderlands image but the image of Sydney if it was promoted Internationaly.
  4. Wonderland Operator

    Sky Ride/Chairlift

    I dont think there's anything wrong with reusing rides ,a lot of the rides that get removed from parks are often missed by guests. Reading the forums here is enough to show how beastie is missed and it still stands it would be great to see wonderland reuse this ride after giving it a clean
  5. Wonderland Operator

    Kevin Hits 11,000!

    Ok jaggie i no longer work at wonderland so my id is safe now my name is Richard. To help you put a face to my name i left wonderland in Jan 2003 and until i left i was an operator on almost every ride in the park.For those like flea who talk to Billy ask him about me i was the union delegate,he will remember me.
  6. Wonderland Operator

    Bush Beast Down!

    the bush beast fire was the timber frame and it was started by welding being done my maintnance staff
  7. Wonderland Operator

    Wood or Steel - which is stronger!

    pound for pound the wood is stronger .... this is basic science guys as for the concrete footers next time your at any park have a look all rides in a fixed location have a concrete footer including wooden rollercoasters such as the bush beast Note: the footers of the bush beast have the names of the construction crew written in the concrete.
  8. Wonderland Operator

    >>>Wonderland Constuction/Rumours<<<

    heres a newspaper clipping about the construction @ wonderland
  9. Wonderland Operator

    Ned Kelley's Getaway

    i remember the black ride it was in goldrush where the endeavour now stands but i dont remember the name
  10. Wonderland Operator

    A Daily Wonderland Visitor..

    Kevin is only @ wonderland 4 days a week and yes hes a good guy TBB two train operation only happens when management anticipate large crowds regardless of holidays , i have seen it operate one train only during all holiday periods as well as the infamous union day with park crowd @ 12 thousand ppl
  11. Wonderland Operator

    Ned Kelley's Getaway

    HEy guys who know some wonderland history , sad but true the twin screamer is gone but not forgotten i was lucky enough to ride the ned kelly getaway : Yes you climbed the tower carrying your plastic board but heavy it wasnt You sat on the board with a slipgate infront of you .... no sign of the track bellow due to it being very steep , no overhang just the illussion of one , the gate opened and you dropped almost straight down with some cool airtime only to reconnect with the track just before the ground and skimmed along the narrow astro turf channel and exited the ride where the sawmill theatre now stands. Walking around the back of the amusement arcade you can see the channels now filled with sand. The ride was removed for safety reasons , too many people were not following operators instructions and recieved broken arms or legs by hitting the ground after the free fall
  12. Wonderland Operator

    Site office = construction

    hey thunder , wonderland know where you get your info . Zoe reads these forums and has spoken on occasion to staff about the info on here. I have been lucky she dont know who i am and i hope she never finds out . As for the factories ask Zoe about the business park , both she and Steven Gailbraith have spoken to staff about this. Current construction is for a coles supermarket distribution centre for thier fruit and veges. Source for construction information is cumberland newspapers ( MT Druitt Standard) If i had access to a scanner i would post the article
  13. Wonderland Operator

    °¤WõÑdÈ®lãÑd §ýDñÈÿ¤°

    Sorry to dissapoint guys but as an employee of wonderland i discovered that the management wont open the wallet to repair major problems with the existing rides ,so i cant see any new rides soon Facts: Alledged refurbishement of Bountys revenge only consisted of coat of paint ... despite the fact that its computer has needed replacing for 2yrs when it breaks down they patch it up to keep it running Snowy river rampage desperately needs new pumps and can anyone remember the last time the wave maker worked ? still it only gets a coat of paint . Bush Beast has been a dog of a ride for about 5 yrs now or didnt you realise the track wasnt meant to break your back Hands up if you noticed the sandbags holding the base of beastie before it closed ? I lost count of the number of times ive seen people get out of The Demon at the bottom of the loop. next time your in the que for tazzie devil look for the air line in the garden where it shares a compressor with hms Endeavour after taz's stopped working. This short list is just a sample of the problems at wonderland sydney needless to say that public safety is not a big priority. As for the other staff posting on here if you go to enough staff meetings you will realise as i did that management keep telling stories about what they are doing but only ever follow up on half of what they say. All wonderland staff are advised to keep records of your working hours as well as copies of anything you sign for them, if you make a call to your supervisors keep a note of time date who you talked to and what it was for this is for your own protection
  14. Wonderland Operator

    Has Wonderland got a future

    Saturday night trading is doing well with great crowds we are to expect it to continue as long as weather permits and crowds stay strong. Today was the last day for the shrek appearance at wonderland Kermit has been seen in the form of a stuffed toy at the games maybe the start of something bigger!
  15. Wonderland Operator

    Has Wonderland got a future

    Ok guys it seems that wonderland may have a future : There has been some very positive signs over the christmas period including the successful Jungle Jive show and some general improvements to aesthetics around the park. Another point that guests probably wouldn't notice is that Wonderland has done a major upgrade to security and safety procedures. All the above things has had a positive affect on staff morale which is another plus for the park. Guest numbers during the holiday period were high , this shows staff that wonderland is starting to regain the faith of sydneysiders and the visitors to sydney. Only other update is that a tiger will soon be added to the spellbinding sorcery show.