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  1. Road Runner opened up at sometime because I got to try out the new trains. Superman was a walk on.
  2. Because Tigers are know to put their driver into the wrong bag when drunk.
  3. Who has their buddie smuggles dusted off ready for tomorrow?
  4. That's because I didn't know they served beer there.
  5. Knock, knock! Who’s there? Boo. Boo who? Don't take away our beer dreams.
  6. I like the idea of a microbrewing but what I don't like is a microbrewery at theme park prices.
  7. @Coaster HipsterWith the testing now underway on Hurricane, Mack has certainly lifted the pacing.
  8. Being able to ride Rivals 4 times in a row says people are leaving the park during they day.
  9. Just a friendly reminder that MW isn't a full day park.
  10. It wasn't feedback. This is you pay for what you get situation. The videos are never going to be great because the parks won’t put up the money for them to be great.
  11. I can't remember if I have ever seen it. To tell you the truth I don't know why we need queue videos because from what I see, few people pay any attention to them.
  12. @Park Addict 93I was thinking of pre-booking but I think people will get a chance to ride by this weekend. As long as you're ok with it.🤣
  13. What is this Sky Voyager video people keep comparing other videos to because the only SV video I have seen is lame?
  14. Second place makes you the first loser.🤣
  15. DW already planning for dismal operation of the ride with only selling 3 cycles an hour. /s
  16. Nothing says theme park like a new convention centre.
  17. This is what Mr Kirby had to say today at the "Future Gold Coast Lunch) Top of town gathers at Future Gold Coast lunch A hotel with more than 500 rooms and a giant convention centre will be developed at Movie World in a bid to relieve pressure on the city’s existing facilities. Village Roadshow CEO Clark Kirby confirmed the project, which has been in the plans for more than five years, was close to being realised. He said the convention centre would have room for more than 1000 people and would be part of the hotel. “There is so much to be positive about, not just for our company and the tourism industry but for the state as a whole,” he said, speaking at the Bulletin’s Future Gold Coast event. “We are looking at our portfolio up here and have plans for a 500-600 room hotel, a convention centre on our land at Movie World and we are looking to expand our studio set-up here. “That’s such an important shot in the arm for the local industry. ‘We are looking at more hotel capacity at Sea World.” The hotel and convention centre will be aimed at complementing existing facilities rather than replacing them. (Taken from the GCB)
  18. Unlike a normal LIM system, Raptors LIM braking system looks to be high maintenance with the raising and lowering of the magnetic brakes as the train passes over.
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