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  1. Good to see they finshed the job that I seen. On another note while driving past today I did see a crane lifting the wedge into position.
  2. "Dreamworld CEO Noel Dempsey said the light show, called Illuminate, would be a permanent fixture at the theme park." I bet this is the new family attraction we have all been talking. What a load of S***t. Another note anyone seen the log ride final drop. I almost fell over with laughter when I saw it. Talk about a patch work quilt. If I was Village Road Show I would be going to bed a happy person tonight. Just when you think Dreamworld can't get it more wrong they do.
  3. I find Dreamworld police there facebook page all the time. Don’t you remember what happened when Dreamworld created a blog for the V8 supercars. I still pmsl about how out of hand it got for them and they just deleted anything they didn’t like and oh yea they gave Alex a hard time. I posted earlier that a new car facing both ways would be my preferred way for Dreamworld to go.
  4. Gut wrenching, heart pounding, teeth chattering. That’s the feeling you get when you step inside the launch chamber of WhiteWater World’s newest waterslide, The Wedgie. Cross your arms and peer over the spectators five storeys below. As the trap door triggers, you plummet down the translucent pipe and through a human sized half coil before smashing into the splash down pool below. There the classic Aussie Cossie braking system kicks in and you realise you’ve been “Wedgied by WhiteWater World”.
  5. I would like to see a new car that has half the seats facing forwards and the other half facing backwards.
  6. I can’t see why people have turned a new family attraction into a new family ride. Ardent Leisure have not called the new water thrill ride an attraction they have called it a water thrill ride so if they where installing a new family ride it would be named a family ride and not an attraction. I would not expect anything major being launched at Dreamworld except for a xmas period. In a previous discussion there was talk about Dreamworld being in negation for a major thrill ride. Since this is a half year report I would not think Ardent would announce anything in this report for a new attraction falling within the next financial year. I don’t know how long it takes from negotiating a major ride to the ride opening but it is not 2 months. "I have my doubts about the family attraction as there does not appear to be any DA submitted and as mentioned above 2 months may not be enough to build anything significant" From my understating you will not see any DA submitted for Dreamworld. I bit hard to explain but from what I know Dreamworld are able to lodge there applications under the old town planning scheme where White Water World falls under the new planning scheme. Under the new planning scheme a MCU is required and is why we can see the application lodged to the council. If a MCU is not required then Dreamworld would lodge there building application to a building certifier as council no longer do building certification. Once the building certifier has finished the information is archived at council and uploaded onto PDF online.
  7. Here are the know facts about it. Length 81m Drop 17.8m Average Grade 33%. Some 3d perspectives of new slide.
  8. Quick pic of super loop didn't know where to put it.
  9. I was at WWW on Saturday and excavation work has started with temporary fencing added.
  10. I haven't missed one day of training all summer. I find it easier in summer to maintain my fitness level I just have to keep the fluids up.
  11. LOL turns out it was for changes to stage for MTV
  12. Application: BLD2916665 Details Description: Code: BUILDING Class: MISCELLANEOUS COMMERCIAL STRUCTURE Work: CONSTRUCT Lodged: 24/12/2009 Status IN PROGRESS (24/12/2009) New application in for Dreamworld. Could be anything at this point.
  13. I always thought turnstiles would be cheap whey off doing it.
  14. I would be looking for this project to finally go ahead, geared up, for next xmas. Dreamworld has at long last got the negotiated decision, for the approval, from the G.C.C.C.
  15. As I said before, no cables catch it. There are a lot of topics covering this already and you can look it up.
  16. There is no cable under the car that hooks up automatically.
  17. I don't know why I called it Water Works. For the history buffs of the area. The tourism industry was developing along with the urban sprawl. Both Ashtons and Bullens Circuses were lobbying the Albert Shire Council for approval to construct Lion Parks. In December 1968 Bullens were negotiating the purchase of land in Stapylton and Ashtons established their park on the corner of Bryants Road and the Pacific Highway, which opened in April 1969. It was known as Ashton’s Animal Kingdom. Both of these ventures were relatively short lived. Ashtons was sold to the Myer Corporation in 1977. Myer Queensland Stores Ltd purchased the Ashton’s Lion Park site in October 1977 with the intention of building a regional shopping centre. A new Tavern opened in Loganholme in July 1979. The Wild Waters Water Slide Park began operation October 1982 adjacent to the old Ashtons site. While Myer initially shelved plans for the major shopping centre, a more compact centre, the Loganholme Shopping Village opened on Bryants Road in December 1987. Ongoing negotiations for the Hyperdome site involved the sale of Wild Waters in 1984. The turning of the first sod on the Hyperdome project occurred in September 1988, with the official opening in July 1989. I don't know if it still there but a few years ago near the compactors of the hyperdome, I saw the crocodile in the small cut of green slide gathering dust.
  18. Before the logan Hyperdome was built the site was a water park called Water Works.
  19. Here are some irrelevant statistics about the v8 supercar simulators. Bob Tan is in the top 100 list 30 times. Kim Hill is in the top 100 list 20 times Bob and Kim are in the top 100 at 50% Boys are better simulators driver then girls. Bob has driven car # 14 14 times in the top 100. Bob has driven car # 88 16 times in the top 100. Bob has only driven car #14 & #888 in the top 100 Bob drives fords faster then he drives Holden’s. Kim has only driven car # 51 in the top 100. Kim is scared about driving any other car or has the hots for Greg Murphy. Bob is a better driver then Kim. Final findings FORDS ARE BETTER THEN HOLDENS.
  20. I still think they are just doing a major REFURBISHMENT and nothing else.
  21. Something interesting I have noticed on the My fun web site. Corkscrew Rollercoaster is now closed to make way for an exciting new attraction. Last week the Attractions Maintenance said closed until end of November.
  22. From www.goldcoast.com.au THE world of VJ Ruby Rose turned upside down today as she rode her first ever theme park thrill ride, as part of the launch of the new summer attraction for Gold Coast theme park, Dreamworld. Over four weeks from December 26, some of Australia's most recognisable faces will present a live amphitheatre show called MTV Plugs Into Dreamworld, with a mix of music, stunts and games. Just before hopping on The Claw, Ruby said the show will run three times a day with celebrity hosts. "It's the best that MTV has, like Nitro Circus, Jackass and things, so you'll have stunts, it'll involve the audience ... and at the moment we're working out when I can come, hopefully for a week or so and be part of it as well," she said. Dreamworld CEO, Noel Dempsey, said it's the the union of the biggest youth brand in the world with the biggest theme park in the country. "We're taking (MTV) from the screen and putting into a show-based format .. it's going to be loud, music's going to be pumping, great energy ... and it's going to go off." Stepping off The Claw, Ruby said apart from a relatively tame roller-coaster it was the first ride she'd ever been on. "I was deprived as a child, I grew up in the country and we never had cash for things like this so it's fun to do it now as an adult. "I used to climb trees - that was my ride - climbing a tree then breaking something, so it wasn't quite as safe as this atmosphere - and not as fun." From the article above: "Dreamworld CEO, Noel Dempsey, said it's the union of the biggest youth *brand* in the world with the biggest theme park in the country." Noel Dempsey is starting to scare me. I never hated the word “brand” until Dreamworld added it into everything they did.
  23. This is so rad man, I am so amped. This is going to be crunk. Time to get out the old moves and get hip again. No fake, this will make Dreamworld the bomb again. Dreamworld can pencil me in NOT!
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