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  1. I'm leaving work now so I will see if I can get some pictures on my way home. It is believed that the helicopter was in the final stages of landing when the aircraft crashed to the ground and toppled on its side.
  2. FIVE people have escaped from a helicopter which crash landed in the car park of Dreamworld theme park on the Gold Coast. The incident happened at 4pm. Witnesses said the four passengers and pilot were pulled from the wreckage by security guards from the theme park and were shaken but not seriously injured. Two of those on board walked from the crash site while the other three were taken on stretchers with suspected minor back injuries. The aircraft did not appear to catch fire, although there was smoke coming from it. The chopper was sprayed with foam as a precaution to stop fire from breaking out. It is believed the chopper was involved in joy flights and the incident happened near the helicopter landing pad at the western end of the car park.
  3. SEA World's ski team has been sacked and its famous ski show axed to make way for a new stunt show designed by a North American company. Some have blamed the move on the influence of new Village Roadshow CEO Tim Fisher, who was formerly the CEO of the company's North America operations. The 38-year-old ski show -- which Sea World brags is the longest-running live attraction in Australia -- will be replaced by a new show called Pirates!, which is due to begin in September. It is understood the show will be contracted to a Canadian company which will design the show and move away from the traditional ski attraction on which the company prides itself. The current show, Waterski WipeOut, will finish on July 20. A former ski show director said more than 20 people were given redundancy notices on Thursday. "At 5pm the whole team were called into a management meeting and told they would be out of work as of July 20," said the source, who asked not to be named. "They were all handed redundancy packages which were terrible. Some people who have been there 15 years got $8000. "The skiers were told anyone who wants to can try out (for the new show) but there will be virtually nil skiing, it will be mainly gymnastics, jet-skiing and stunts." Another former Sea World employee, who also asked not to be named, said the theme park would save money by contracting out the show, which had been designed and produced 'in house'. "What they do in America is they contract out a company to provide them with a show and it's usually seasonal, so will run for maybe six months," he said. "It costs less money because whoever gets the contract for the show supplies the staff, the costumes, the music, the equipment. It's like a travelling show. "All they need is a venue and some water to do the whole show and at the end of the season, they pack up and go somewhere else. "Sea World doesn't have to foot the bill 365 days a year for everything." However, this means any staff who are employed in the new show will not be guaranteed a job when the show moves on. A Sea World spokeswoman would not confirm who was producing the show. She said all existing staff would be given the opportunity to audition for Pirates!but employment would depend on whether skills and talents were suited to the new show. A statement from the theme park said Pirates! would include 'all-new elements, unlike anything ever seen at Sea World'. Sea World's former ski show director said members of the ski team would have trouble finding work in the same field as opportunities were limited. "They are putting a lot of talented young Aussies out of work," he said. "Some are lucky enough to have trades behind them or come from other workplaces but they've still got to go find work. "The skiers who have got 20 years-plus experience have got nothing behind them so they're pretty much lost. There are no other professional (ski) shows like that in Australia at all so the only opportunity is to try and work overseas, but there are hundreds of skiers around the world trying to get in. "It's basically putting more people on the unemployment downhill slide." Just found this on the Internet and thought I would post it. I like this idea. When I went to Seaworld over Xmas I found the show to be week. I liked the skiing but this was ruined by what was going on the bank.
  4. Good news cadboy. A sex theme park in southwest China that featured giant genitals and a sex-technique workshop has been torn down after officials said it had an "evil influence" on society. You never have to say the S word again.
  5. From Dreamworlds web site The following rides and attractions will be closed for scheduled maintenance: ---- •Motocoaster, 29/04/09 to 2/05/09 inclusive. •Log Ride, 5/05/09 to 15/05/09 inclusive. •Thunder River Rapid, 18/05/09 to 29/05/09 inclusive. •Sponge Bob Flypants, 1/06/09 to 5/06/09 inclusive. •The Claw, 9/06/09 to 22/06/09 inclusive. •Blues Skidoo, 23/06/09 to 26/06/09 inclusive. •Vortex, closed until advised. •Tower of Terror, closed until advised. I always get worried when a ride closes like this at Dreamworld. From Dreamworlds’ past history the ride sometimes never reopens.
  6. What the!!!!!!!!!!! How can you say that this attraction will recover a lot of ground? Let’s look at it. A tent, some lights and a couple of guns. After all Dreamsworlds’ previous attempts, what make you think this would be any different.
  7. I reckon that might be doing a major referb. Remember it was down for a while over xmas.
  8. Alex every time I have purchased a pass at a cheaper price, that requires a photo, I have always had to return another day to get my photo done. The last Dreamworld pass I got took 5 visits before they took my picture. I brought a WWW pass back in December and I still don’t have a photo for that one either. Alex don’t get the ticket you printed of the web site damaged because they will just stick the photo of you on the paper ticket and you will have to keep the ticket until it runs out.
  9. Welcome to the forums. I invite you to read though the forums before creating a topic that is already in discussion. Side bar, your spelling is not up to a basic standard for these discussion boards but this is fine with me because I have a very young child and can tell what you are trying to say but for other peeps on this site you have started hammer time.
  10. Looks like construction is about to begin with Dreamworld posting •Vortex, Closed 2/02/09 until advised on there web site.
  11. Just too clear things up here are a couple of clippings to detail what is going on.
  12. I hate to disappoint people but everyone but the cleared area is going to be an overflow car park.
  13. There is a lot more planed for the area then just what Dreamworld is developing. The wider town centre will include medium to high-density residential dwellings, education, health and community services, low-impact industry, green space and recreation areas. The government will be providing a library, swimming pool, community and government services. Initial development will occur around the rail station, which will be part of a transport hub that will also cater to buses, taxis, cyclists and pedestrians. The Government is also considering a proposal to double the size of the neighbouring marine precinct. Dreamworld is only playing a small part for the Coomera Town Centre. Other investors coming in and investing in the commercial hub side will have no impact from a shopping centre. I do agree that Macquarie are not the ideal company to run a shopping centre but I also don’t think a bank should be running a theme park.
  14. Just for ongoing information the Gold Coast Town plan has been amended and signed off by the Queensland government yesterday so Dreamworld approval process can get moving again for the shopping centre. I don’t think Dreamworld understanding of operating a retail centre has anything to do with them not getting the approval. Show me where in the BCA or GCCTP where it says a company must know have expertise in operating a retail centre before they can build one. If you look at the Coomera Town Plan you can see that the area Dreamworld allocated to use as a retail outlet has been zoned for the Coomera Town Centre all along. Dreamworld plans where not in line with the requirements of the town plan and that is why it was rejected alongside a few other small issues. Now the Coomera Town Plan has been updated we will be seeing progress in this area. I have included this in this topic because I don’t see the point of starting a new topic for information that most people will not be interested in.
  15. What a total load of hogwash. I am sick of hearing about tough economic times. These ceos are full of S#&%. I don’t care want anyone says these parks have had a bumper season and the tough economic times have not effected there profits. Dam I even started a thread that I couldn’t’ get into WWW because it was full. I drove past seaworld 2 days in a row before I decided to go in. WnW car park has been overflowing every day into every overflow car park. We all know that miss management and greediness of companies at the top have caused the tough economic times. If these managers can’t make a profit from what I have seen then off with their heads. Reducing the riding hours in a day or a Q4u is just robbing the customer. What I want to know is the management of these parks going to hold off on giving their selves any pay risers during the tough economic times like Obama has done.
  16. I agree with all what has been said and would recommend giving WWW ago. One point I would like to mention is the seating and shade around WWW has it all over WnW. Went to Wnw the other week and came back with blisters on my feet.
  17. A lot of people are beating around the bush here. Richard ask do you think QBot is queue jumping and some posted have not addressed this question. Example “As with the issue of que jumping i feel that if someone wants to pay for the convenience of not having to stand in line but still wait the same time, then i say go for it. I certainly would.” This does not answer the question is QBot queue jumping. (its queue not que)
  18. quote"It is ridiculous to think that introducing Q-Bots is queue jumping." What do you call it if one guest actions directly have an impact on another guest time in the park? quote"It is an amazing invention and simply gives consumer more choice." I would not call it an amazing invention I prefer a pace maker or a bionic ear as an amazing invention. quote"When entering a theme park you enter on the theme park terms... you don't like it... pay for the Q-Bot or don't go to the park." When guest brought there annual passes last year they where not informed that the value from the park would be reduced unless they spent more money.
  19. Well I agree with Richard QBot is queue jumping and as per normal Dreamworld is ripping people of by saying its ok if you pay for it. What gets me the most about this is Dreamworld tell you on there web site” It means you can try other rides”. Last year on a Saturday before Dreamworlds peak season I waited for 1.12 hours for the moto coaster and in comparison I waited 15min in peek season to ride the jet rescue at SeaWorld. I can’t see how Dreamworld can justify there current entry tickets for people (keep in mind Dreamworld has just put gate entry up) who are not buying a QBot if Dreamworld has decreased what that person can go on in a day. By my calculations a person who does not have a QBot would have to wait for an extra 1560 guest per day if the QBot riders got on 2 extra rides per day. Shame Shame Shame.
  20. Sorry to double post but the entry to the new tag laser attraction is going to be between the vortex and the arcade with the ramp next to the vortex removed. This new attraction is not next to Thunderbolt Station as I said before; anyway picture shows what I am talking about.
  21. Just had word that Dreamworld is putting in a new laser attraction where the remains of the Thunderbolt station is located, next to the Vortex. I suspect this will be another upcharge attraction to go in ocean parade that Dreamworld will open at night alongside the v8 and flow rider attractions.
  22. Don't bother about going to white water world this summer and for us pass holders it is even worst. I just drove all the way to WWW with my family and got told we were not aloud to enter because it was full. This is very typical for Dreamworld you shell or this money to them and you get nothing in return. At least down the road at WnW they extend there trading hours to 9.00pm to give the guest some value.
  23. WARNER Village Theme Parks has sacked 45 staff less than three weeks before Christmas and the busiest holiday time of the year for the attractions. A company spokeswoman said about 1.8 per cent of the 2500-strong work force was made redundant yesterday. And companies wonder why staff are not loyal to them when they show no hart towards there staff. Humbuck to them I say.
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