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  1. I believe their all talking about is this. It clearly states on the delivery docket Water Coaster(Klein) Australien. I have a higher res one at home and will grab when I'm home from work. This same dockets was attached to multiple objects throughout the storage area.
  2. Hey Guys, Once again HERE is some more images form today. Apologies for the poor lighting towards the end, It was the only chance i really had due to the rain. As we can see in this set, the floor of the building is just about covered in a concrete slab, and there car park is slowly getting smaller as they create more room for parts from MACK. Also on a box today was a Shipping Notice, the Model read "Water Coaster (Klein) Australien" so not sure if that means anything yet... EDIT, It wont let me add the link so here it is (http://harrisonkohn.net/images/gallery/)
  3. I think what your seeing is the pump/control room that they have built near all the conduits rising from the ground.
  4. Hey Guys, Well after sitting in traffic for over 120 minutes to get to Sea World, we were greeted to a nice surprise. Lots of pieces are starting to arrive in the carpark awaiting assembly. There has also been quite a bit of work done too both in and around the new coasters home. As i have taken around 80 images today and Parkz Uploader is a bit annoying (no offence) i have uploaded them to a simple gallery on my own server HERE. The medium res ones are up now and the Full size ones are uploading as we speak. Anyone is free to use these aslong as credit is provided Until next time Harri
  5. And we now have track. These were taken today. Sorry for the Reduced Quality, it was to fit them onto the site. This was one of my friends ones. Here you can see on the metal tags the word "MACK" and a item number.
  6. Im sure he said that the ride would debut with one, but a second would make an appearance later in the year
  7. There is no way Sea World will close a coaster after just relaunching it not long ago. As reanimated35 said more then likely they will be waiting for parts. And considering peak season starting next week, I have a feeling they wouldn't want a major coaster being shut. The Maintenance Guys at MW said they now send the Trains away once per yeah to sandblast the, back to bare metal, and repaint. They could be adopting the same treatment at Sea World, especially being so close the the Ocean and with all the salt in the air.
  8. This has already been done. Why Would MW issue a statement to say they ran out of time... that would just make them look disorganised
  9. I Belive that the maintenance man as a 100% reliable source of information, as the reason he was there was to answer our questions a a online media meeting.
  10. I was there when the question was asked, and he did indeed say that it was planned, but they did indeed run out of time.
  11. It Is true, I was there at the time, and what was more funny was seeing another person asking if they could release their harness mid-ride
  12. OK then What on earth on earth would take 2 months to do for a "retheme" & new 'seats". Considering Green Lantern was built in a little under 3 months.
  13. Yes, Yes i do. And i also hear the the parts to do this are already on site. also do you think they need survey markings for new seats?
  14. Ok what about taking components of the track out and replacing them with something different like I don't know maybe the corkscrew park of the track. That I believe would alter the layout somewhat...
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