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  1. oh so that's why kfc and maccas are using cabbage now
  2. it's like someone is reading the comments in this very thread and attending to them 😏
  3. well they has to match the doors and that tower thing in the top right didn't they?
  4. if they put a strap/seatbelt in it's not going to stop a kid from undoing it plus will double the loading time since they will have to strap every kid in each time.
  5. or a plywood roof to cover the beams 😏
  6. so i take it the carousel is retiring than
  7. with the possible sale of dw and the decline and terrible state mw is currently in the way things are going we aren't going to have any theme parks soon.
  8. He allegedly stood on the horse, and the camshaft got him. 100% the kids fault
  9. and they should sue them too for making such a terrible sequel! 😏
  10. it says it's a seasonal park now only that means only open in the summer?
  11. only 2 of them slides (both are the same ) can you ride single....
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