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  1. Movie World New Park Map

    the most badly rendered, inaccurate map ever made
  2. DC Rivals HyperCoaster - backwards seating

    yeah but it also has the time you went on
  3. so you order backwards like a fast pass huh?
  4. we are definitely going at the end of September now we sort of had it planned but i'm now locking it in
  5. only drones are allowed to do that...
  6. i was going to say something earlier like how did they get away with it? a guy got nicked for flying a drone to bunnings once yet these clowns get away with it...
  7. and that tree on the right removed
  8. it'll be no longer eureka anymore. once they tear down the MT they will re-theme and repaint the track like they did with hot wheels . let's face it goldrush isn't goldrush any more whole area will be re-themed for sure.
  9. so long eureka i wonder what the theme will be when/if they re-open it i doubt it will be a mine ride anymore if they are getting rid of the whole mountain.
  10. DC Rivals HyperCoaster - new trailer/TVC

    they can call it all they want but really it's a batman vs joker coaster