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  1. you better be able to ride those new wnw slides single most of the slides in there you can't ride alone it's BS. we like to split up and go do our own thing when we go we don't ride together that way everyone gets to go on what they want when they want without waiting. including ME can't do that at wnw mainly.
  2. keep that airport open keep letting people in from Sydney and Victoria COVID HQ....
  3. LOL seriously what did people expect this is the same channel that had the UFO special before this! i knew exactly what it was going to be like and avoided it like the plague.
  4. FFS i go here to ride rides i couldn't care less about staff noticing me or how bad a wall looks or some other stupid meaningless thing that doesn't matter. all i care about is the rides as long as they are working and fun that's all that matters.
  5. i knew it i said this was coming ages ago during the TRR incident they are just giving up. bye bye dreamworld and expect passes for the other 3 to go up even higher now.
  6. $139 for a pass is highway robbery. people with families like 4 or 5 kids can't afford that when they have to buy 5 passes. and they wonder why they are losing $
  7. they should rename it to the canopy ride now it's no longer a log ride.
  8. i've said it before and i'll say it again ardent need to sell the park to someone who knows what the hell they are doing.
  9. they've got the crowds back now they need to continue on with that with new attractions. the Flying Theatre is a good start and after that some new exciting thrill rides and maybe....a nice shiny new coaster
  10. jeez at that price i'll have to just start going to the park by myself
  11. with the scooby refurb maybe turn the damn lasers and smoke on this time? half the time i went on it was just a big dark room void of life...
  12. trust me it's a local i used to live there and the kids were dumb there when i was a teenager doesn't look like they have improved over time best thing we ever did was move away from that place.
  13. good i won't have to go straight on this from the start so someone can hold my damn bag before we all split up and go our own way from now on i can take my time and go on whatever i want.
  14. nailed it now demolish the dilapidated mess of a thing and build something new and fresh there.
  15. anyone that pays that for a fast pass that only lasts for 1 day is bonkers.
  16. BORING call me when they build a new rollercoaster and at least try to start competing with mw and co....
  17. good now bring someone it who will revitalize the damned park before it closes for good..
  18. it's just a driving range for yuppies so yeah couldn't care less. we have a driving range near us it's cheap i go there instead
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