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  1. So at the end of my relaxing and theme park filled little holiday away from Sydney, I too will sing the praises and virtues of the Star Tour as did it today (with a couple of Parkz members as well that I stupidly forgot to find out their forum name but looking at past posts I suspect it was @Invertedand his wife. Hi again if it was) Firstly Scott and Luke were great as hosts and did a great job with their fun facts and interesting Easter eggs they pointed out along the way and I'm guessing the cat's out the bag as were no "don't tell anyone else stories" like the early tours had. Ticked all the boxes from the previous tours with AA walk, SE pre start up/winch room, JL3D walk,kitchen,Stunt Driver stuff,Scooby Walk etc. As well as a little bonus of the Friday the 13th maze walk through and when I mentioned that maybe future tours could incorporate the Villians Unleashed interactive area to my surprise we all got a free RFID wristband which was a cool unexpected bonus! Other random thoughts - Killer Croc and the Joker are the 2 best elements in VU and a lot of fun getting unsuspecting people standing in the wrong spots - VR on AA is amazing and can never go back to just riding it normally after that plus getting 2 free rides of it helped ? - Seeing all the front roller coaster construction in person instead of through these forums was a treat and really got an idea of just how massive this coaster is gonna be seeing the size of the area All in all a good day was had by all
  2. DWP

    Tiger Island Refurbishment - Dreamworld 2016

    So the Rampage at AW isn't the same model as the Wipeout? I always assumed it was the same although thinking back it was way more intense than the Wipeout ever was
  3. DWP

    If Joz ran Sea World

    I was about to suggest the dark ride concept could be defending whales from whalers on a ship but the fact so many Japanese tourists vist the park that wouldn't go down so well I'd say.
  4. DWP

    If Joz ran Sea World

    Unbeliveable work there @joz and I think your true calling in life could be theme park planning and design. VRTP or Ardent could do worse than hiring someone like you. Only issue I saw was the Serpent's Fury going under the pier would mean that that part of the pier would have to be closed off from the public to prevent people from throwing/dropping things onto the track and car which would be a major safety hazard although installing some clear perspex panels horizontally from the pier over that part of the track enabling people to still see the coaster passing under them would be a decent solution. All in all 2 thumbs up!
  5. Looking at that old entry photo of DW it seems that the entry is still elevated over the carpark height as is the case today although the grass area between the carpark and entry doesn't seem as steep or as long as the current staircase is although that could be a perspective issue from the photo being taken further away but still it does look strange not seeing the staircase.
  6. Wait so you had to watch that pre ride video of Bermuda Triangle every time you rode it? To me that would get old real fast as after the first time I'd be like can we just get to the ride already. Now before people jump up and down I've read the previous posts about how great the pre show was for Bermuda and how it enhanced the experience etc. and while I see how a good pre ride can help the ride and is something that is much loved by people who experienced it, it would appear tiresome to me to have to deal with that on multiple occasions on the same day etc. Now granted that people here have mentioned that later in the day that at times the pre show was skipped but still. I'm sure some will argue that going to MW and riding Superman Escape multiple times will result in having to deal with the pre launch trip through the subway every time but for mind that's part of the ride as opposed to lining up in a queue for x amount of time only to then once reached the end of the queue to then have to enter another room to watch a video before finally experiencing the ride. Apologies to people who grew up with this style of pre shows for rides as the norm as I never got to experience the parks until a few years ago but just my 2c on the (non-existant) issue
  7. Strange as I rode it on Wednesday for the first time under the Hot Wheels name as previously had ridden it as Big Dipper and Cyclone and found it to be rougher than ever although the new restraints were good and the audio was a nice touch
  8. Nothing tops the 1990 turtles
  9. That thing looks amazing but imagine an evacuation from the very top of the lift hill as those stairs seem almost vertical. Would be an experience in itself just getting down them
  10. DWP

    Sea World maintenance

    I............don't...................even?????? Not to pile on any more shit on you push but that was quite the comment but hey to each there own I guess
  11. My situation is different as I vist the Gold Coast once a year for holiday and do the 3 main parks (MW,DW,SW) regardless of what is or isn't new in the parks and once I've been to a particular park in my yearly vist then I don't go back again until the following year. If I were a native of SE QLD then things would be a little different, but that's my point of view as an out of towner
  12. DWP

    Sea World maintenance

    Oh bravo! How very mature of you to completely ignore the question asked.
  13. DWP

    Sea World maintenance

    I'm struggling to understand what your saying here? People in Sydney didn't get behind a novelty attraction that was costing far too much money with only limited benefit while people in QLD kinda somewhat use a monorail in a theme park? Again I don't follow
  14. DWP

    Sea World maintenance

    sorry push as a lifelong Sydney resident your view on the monorail was very much in the minority as most people here barely batted an eyelid when it got demolished as aside from the tourists no one else really used it. I remember riding it on a school excursion in primary school back in the early 90's and never rode it again much like the rest of Sydney it seemed. Even then tourists usually only rode it once and that's it as it was essentially a gimmick for the tourists and not an actual viable transport system. Now days you wouldn't even know Sydney had a monorail system other than a few of the stations SBNO (particularly around Darling Harbour) The money cost to keep it running simply wasn't worth it in the end. As for Sea World's monorail while i've never ridden it (nor plan to) I understand the history it has in the park and is something unique for people to experience as it seems monorails are fairly rare these days around the world