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  1. Louis.sayer3

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster Reopening [Dec 26, 2016]

    I must admit the refurb on the SDSC is one that was well needed! Although unpleasant, the park will generate big revenue out of this act. Even though we must admit the now gone themeing is bare and unsightly, the same can be said for seeing seized up animatronics and scrapes of paint and lumps of styrofoam missing all throughout the place. I must say that this new refurb may give MW the chance to re-theme similar to the original 2000 and something movie, which in very early days surely is what would have been expected initially. I for one am keen as a bean to see the new refurb and as peak season draws a-close, we will be able to see this fresh attraction soon!
  2. Louis.sayer3

    Revised Dreamworld Map - no Rocky Hollow Log Ride

    Is it possible that the RHLR and TRRR, are/were constructed using the same techniques and or had the same maintenance procedures over the years; and as result of recent tragedies/audits have condemned both to never re open? Of course these speculated details about the RHLR would never be released if they were true, unless Dreamworld wishes for their dwindling closure along side with millions of 'speculated' or 'reported' complaints about either rides " twenty something years ago...".
  3. I've been noticing that Movieworld, has become more Superhero/Supervillan world. Two of the main attractions out of seven are in fact movie related, whilst the rest are super hero or supervillan themed. I believe that if they want to make profit and draw in diverse crowds VRTP needs to focus on Movie Based attractions! For example at Universal studios in the Untied States have created vast amounts of movie themed attractions like: Harry Potter World, Jurassic park water ride or even the Mummy dark ride. I believe that if VRTP followed down this path opposed to the Super Hero one that are choosing; they could make some serious money and create a larger and more reputable reputation. Share your thoughts, i want to know everyone else's opinions on this.
  4. I want to know how theme parks make a profit form a single $130 yearly pass, wouldn't they be making a loss really? Can someone please explain how they would be making profit.
  5. Louis.sayer3

    Green Lantern incident at MW

    One thing we must do though, is congratulate the OP/s for reacting quickly and efficiently to this. And following protocol to ensure the safety of passengers, in that stressful time. So on the behalf of the community (I believe), we would like to congratulate all ride OP's on dealing with us sort and many others on a daily basis! ?
  6. Louis.sayer3

    Theme park careers.

    Calling all former employees of theme parks, this one is for you..... I have been cogitating about a theme park career for the near future a while now. I thought that i could get some information as to how easy or hard it was to get a attraction/ride operator job. 1.Do you need to have completed any degrees or courses to be a ride operator? Or is it all on sight training and education about how to operate the attractions. 2.Was it fairly easy or was it hard to get a job with the park? 3.What makes your resume look better, as per say? Is there anything that we would need to be warned about if any of us in the community are considering a career with one of the parks?
  7. In my ride experience i have only encountered two ride malfunctions: 1. Claw: Apparently one of the bearings in the motor above had snapped and one still remained. The bearing broke near the end of scream world so the ride was operational till the next day for repairs. Anyway, the operator reset the ride everything was fine just the usual harness difficulty, we were the next load on after it had broken down. All was normal in the loading station however we were not allowed to swing our legs because it might have put the other bearing out of alignment. Well that is what the operator said at least. The programme started, but swung faster, quicker, higher and a heck of a lot longer (time wise). We did manage to get off safe, but i have to admit for a ride that i never usually freak out on i was freaking scared. 2. Green lantern: Nothing major, GL at Movieworld had a minor breakdown, as usual the line was very long and the operators were just pumping through the loads. we were at the second set of break lines when we stopped. We were sitting there for at least five minutes. After that the rest of the ride was completely normal, we did not actually find out what happened but i just assumed that the ride software/technical side could not keep with the physical part of the ride. Which could have lead to an automatic e-stop?
  8. Louis.sayer3

    Theme park Crowds....

    Because sometimes people just need that little bit of laughter to brighten up their day. I'm sorry, but hold up a minute. Look at this creepy motherfucker. Look at him! Attached Thumbnails Um im sorry what?
  9. Louis.sayer3

    Theme park Crowds....

    Hi, just thought i'd ask anyone who has have visited any of the theme parks during the holidays as to how bad the line waiting times and general crowding of the parks were? Im seriously considering visiting a park these holidays, but the only thing putting me off is the crowds. Can you please tell me as to how your waiting experience was? Thanks
  10. Speaking of clowns where is Big Baby at, i haven't seen his ratchet ass around in a long time. Maybe he fell unwell? Even if so they could have easily replaced the performer with with another person to fill the role. Even though clowns are satan spawn, sent from hell to absorb your sweet innocent souls, I didn't mind Big Baby at all. I now realise that Goldie the clown is in fact big baby..........
  11. Lets have a ballot to see who is going to the launch on Saturday.... I for one am not. Sadly
  12. Couldn't have we seen this coming though, some attraction operators and or staff have little enthusiasm or an general safety idea. Most just want you on and off as quick as possible just to get their money and be on with it. I'm not one for carnival rides as per say the whole pack it up in a truck in a day and lets move on really disturbs me. And i'd rather a ride that is firmly cemented and held in the ground with proper safety inspections/repairs i.e. Theme park rides. Is that relatable to other people or am i just really naive......
  13. The ride theming is really good, If i didn't know better i would have thought they were tearing an old rusty ride compared to a new ride being built. And with "Reef Diver" gone it really adds a whole new perspective in to how that section of ocean parade looks. Dw must be reading these forums because practically everything that we have mentioned that that was reasonable has been changed.