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  1. Pretty sure there's one coming
  2. I'll admit it is surprisingly easy to come out of the restraint!
  3. Matter of fact, it actually did happen(Wasted a fair bit of water if I must add-in) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just would like to have my say on things and see what you also think? It's too much fun like it is now! Defiantly agree with this on The Claw & Skadoosh(If you classify that as a flat ride) Certainly agree with more fog, but with any less lighting 95% certain it could become a safety hazard. Well, it usually only goes around twice because of Filming, special request, Certain events etc. But also at the operators choice(Nowadays Pretty Rare!) Patience grasshopper, things take time. Well, your question has been answered! So what are your thoughts on these questions?
  4. Well, it could be a sign that the date has been pushed forward, BUT I'm not 100% certain though.
  5. That may be a Good Thing!!
  6. Actually, pretty accurate!
  7. Not sure if anyone knows, but the Western Side has actually been taking guests lately, Including Myself...So I can confirm that it is operating, Just rarely thought because there are some issues that are getting fixed.
  8. Tower of Terror 3....Pretty Good Idea! Personally I'd like to see some face to face seating, What do you think?
  9. You're right about that!
  10. Justin is pretty funny isn't he!
  11. Damn, all them flaws!
  12. Well I can't really remember off the top of my head where there is a perfect view of it on the ground.....I'll try my best to get a pic.
  13. Pardon the rudeness, They are clearly visible if you are at the right angle or height, and if you are on the ride you can actually see them.....I recommend sitting on the end rows ( You can see them heaps clearer that way).
  14. still does have brakes at the top on the east side, it's just that they're not powered at the moment, meaning they could be turned on at anytime.
  15. Correct