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  1. And yes an insanely awesome experience it might be.
  2. Its very much a possibility @Santa07 but also in general the ride will be receiving some extensive TLC. For a fact you will and already can see some works very slowly being completed. Watch this space...
  3. I know right...but they're working on it.
  4. I asked a ride operator (Senior ride operator) and said that people were whining and complaining that they wanted to go on the normal drop side or the hold drop side leading to management removing this feature. But I have also heard from management that some changes are coming to the Giant Drop in the future.
  5. Not sure if already mentioned but it seems they're trying to keep something out of view at the rides exit.
  6. Really....well lets see who's right in the end
  7. Here's a picture of some of the area.
  8. Stage 2 will be Torrer Strait Island area of Corroboree.