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  1. Looks like someones noticed the works
  2. Don't be too disappointed she's not gone for ever, she just needs a break, she'll be wiping out soon....Get ready to get sprayed again!
  3. Only "Freestyler" in general is turned off, Who ever said all audio is turned off
  4. At this point in time the audio on the Hot Wheels Sidewinder has being turned off, with no word as of yet when or if it will return. That should answer your question!
  5. Lots of meetings have being taking place lately at the log ride and if you're lucky you might see some training and works going on. Looking like the park is getting closer to reopening plans. If you don't believe me check it out your self and as some more re-assurance, hop on the giant drop and look down at the main Conveyer belt, and you might just see all the logs piled up inside and in the entrance for it.
  6. Was just in contact with movie world and the first announcement about the coaster should be on their website in a couple of weeks or days!
  7. They did indeed!
  8. This would most likely be because of heating and water procedures.
  9. The green room is currently experiencing technical difficulties with its conveyer belt system and shall be re-opening shortly.
  10. It was down a couple days ago for maintenance.
  11. They will be operating at full time on the School Holidays (So Far).
  12. Not sure if mentioned but has anyone seen the DW mainatnce page It shows the following rides shut on weekdays: Mick Doohan's Motocoaster Dorothy's Rosy Tea Cup Ride The Green Room Anyone know why?
  13. Hi there I couldn't really find a good topic to put this in but I'm not sure if this is a hint or not but it seems they might be installing a new ride or it could be just a job needed in general. You can see the application on positions available if you feel so.
  14. And yes an insanely awesome experience it might be.