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  1. We need to get the situation to be like the Flu situation. Sure, we have a bit of sickness every year but vaccinations and general hygiene make it not a massive threat to just go outside and be in groups of people.
  2. I mean, yeah, it's a piece of shit and it still works sometimes but we're just so used to it not operating anymore so holding off on announcing this wouldn't be the worst idea.
  3. I feel like it would require much more effort than DW want to put in. With the train line in the middle, the underpass and the ground levels being wildly different, it would cost a lot just in ground works alone. Then they also need better access to get trucks and equipment on that area to complete any of the work and that would disrupt the hell out of that end of the park.
  4. That's the day we'll know they can't just slap a new coat of paint and name on the old Arrow
  5. Still a higher chance than Goldcoaster rolling back... That one just valleys
  6. At least it's now more of a natural environment for them
  7. I'm just excited that we'll have another ride with the potential of a rollback
  8. It would be great to have the train actually cut through the centre of the park again instead of just running next to a giant tunnel that obscured any views and looked out of place
  9. "Why did you choose MACK?" Oh, well they are a great company! I'm not going to mention I have a good relationship with them and got offered this ride for a discount.
  10. Every rapids incident that has resulted in a serious injury or death has been mid-course rafts flipping or people jumping out. There's definitely only been the one rapids ride that rafts have ever flipped in the conveyor area.
  11. I haven't seen it there in a long time when it's not in use. Either I always time it when it's in the maintenance sheds at the back of the park or the maintenance bay isn't used anymore for storage.
  12. Carpark exercise is the best exercise because the lockdown police wont think to look for people there
  13. They may have more blocks but it's irrelevant when it takes the ops 10 minutes to cycle a train and everyone is just banked on the brake run.
  14. It's not a matter of needing more reward money. They will never find the criminal organisation responsible and even less chance of finding the actual people who lit the fire. At this point I feel it's much more important to move on with the giant corruption issue that allowed all of this to happen. Ensure any remaining people are brought to justice (if only Doug Knight hadn't already died) and that this kind of gross bullshit coverup can not occur again.
  15. Aww, but I liked hitting a brick wall at speed...
  16. Soon we're going to start seeing more and more of the free floating rapids style rides going away in favour of a fully tracked system
  17. Who needs a nice watermark when you can just plaster the photo with shit?
  18. Rougher than Arkham? That's a bold claim
  19. Would be more interesting if they decided to operate the rides that are down for maintenance
  20. Last time I spoke to DW, they were working on preserving their history and organising some kind of showcase to display things like the Rocky Hollow sign. I guess that ideas has gone the way of Hollywood House
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