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  1. But were they really in the know for the various articles about Skyvoyager? Speculation makes for some of the greatest journalism efforts of all time. Some investigation journalistic efforts to the same tune as what was put towards SV would be great to see.
  2. Can we get a “Where’s New Atlantis” article from Parkz like how we got a “where’s sky voyager” article?
  3. Are they really behind us though? Sure leviathan is a great looking coaster, but is it enough to solve the years of neglect against that property? They shut down 3 full family attractions, to be replaced with none, 2 mid family rides replaced with Storm and Pirate Splash battle. We have gained 3 (or we will) thrill rides which is great, but the full family attractions in what is more of a family park is severely lacking. With the monorail currently closed and no reopening date, Sea World is still in a bad shape for its target audience.
  4. Not limited to theme park groups. Main stream media do that as well. Slick has done a good job mixing both the audio and vision from the two pov’s and deserves to have his logo everywhere. Well done. Kudos. Cheers.
  5. Ive seen it mentioned before that you run this Ourworlds YouTube channel don’t you? If so, you have done a great job combining the two released pov’s. I assume that’s why you have plastered it with the Ourworlds logo everywhere?
  6. For the spots that the horizon levelling isn’t active (flat, non twisty etc) the vision looks just as good as some of those OurWorld and Theme Park Review POV videos. So ignoring Horizon levelling, The footage is smooth, clear, has decent sound, and is angled just right. If they did this with just a general go pro mount (as was mentioned a few pages back) then all the credit to them, and well done. I actually quite like the horizon levelling, and honestly, non hardcore videophiles would be very happy with it, as has been the reaction on social media this morning.
  7. I didn’t call him a wanker, I said the response was wankerish/ pompous.
  8. You certainly have a lot of history with the park. Regardless I would prefer to see evidence about things like this rather than “hey trust me”, it provides a better discussion no?
  9. Thank you. I don’t care if Slick worked for the park or not, the words “I know, trust me” without providing evidence are a little pompous/ wankerish in my books, so thank you for providing the evidence to show it is protected. So when/ if Dreamworld becomes a housing estate/ shopping centre, it will become the memorial river..
  10. Where is the evidence regarding this? I still find it incredibly hard to believe the river can’t be redeveloped.
  11. Time to get Big Brother back to see what magic he can work.. I beg to differ that the island can’t be redeveloped. The amount of redevelopment around the park in the last 10 years through natural bush land says otherwise. Plus if the park turns to a housing estate or industrial park, they are going to have to develop around the river?
  12. I read the reports, and it lists only $13m has been drawn down from the Qld Treasury Loan?
  13. For Aussie world, it’s not financially viable for them to offer annual passes. They tried it a while back as you note but it cost them more to run than what it bought in.
  14. August 6 and very little has changed at the Leviathan and Trident sites.
  15. If it was too expensive to run, all the other places would be in a similar situation. It’s not like we are talking about rides in a space rocket to the moon where Dreamworld is the only place to offer rides for the public in an amusement park style location. Sure a cost benefit analysis says they chose to buy a diesel Replica, but that was all done in a period before TRR where we know now just how great park management was at the place during that time..
  16. If a group was knocking at the door, then so be it. I still maintain a park like Dreamworld can afford to run a steam engine. Currumbin has seen a down turn similar to Dreamworld yet it runs their steam train atleast once a month. Currumbin is a not for profit company. Timbertown as I linked to earlier also runs a steam train of a similar size to Dreamworld, and would see a much smaller number of guests coming through the place.
  17. I was in America when Dreamworld killed the steam train, but they killed it all off before the accident even happened I believe. Your argument is moot. To those saying the park should get volunteers to run the steam train, I disagree. Dreamworld is a multi million, multi National company, they should not be relying on free good will from Volunteers to run an attraction. Also - https://timbertown.com.au/portfolio-view/timbertown-steam-train-experience/
  18. So you support Dreamworld not running the Steam Train? How do other theme parks look after these costs and hurdles?
  19. Doubt it, I thought I read in the past on here that the families didn’t want a memorial to remind them of the tragic accident? Not next to the dingo enclosure it’s not. That’s as bad as building Vortex next to a dolphin nursery… oh wait.
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