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  1. This is exactly what I am saying! Yet people keep thinking it was fabbed and sitting in an Asian park before being shipped here.
  2. Why do people keep assuming another park ordered this and DW just picked up a bargain, already manufactured coaster that they can make fit in the plot of land they have?
  3. Not even, This shed is clearly white. The shed we're getting is clearly cream Unless it's LPS. They open with minimal theming after very carefully budgeting to allow 8 new rides, but screw them because it doesn't look like Disneyland...
  4. Will probably end up in a park with more relaxed safety laws, such as Malaysia or Pakistan
  5. Wouldn't be the first train to rollback in the park
  6. This just shows that DW are listening to feedback and actively trying to improve things
  7. The majority of injuries and deaths caused by rapids rides are the riders doing the wrong thing and falling out. The minority is people falling out because something was wrong with the ride or raft (tube inflation, water flow, too much weight, etc) Meanwhile the Dreamworld incident was purely a clusterfuck waiting to happen and it really seems like that was the only rapids ride in the world with the safety flaws to allow it to happen. Generally if you sit and stay put, you'll have no problems. You stand up and dick around, you're gonna have a bad time.
  8. Will we see an article like this about Steel Taipan before it opens? Or has it been covered enough by every theme park photographer being invited in to take photos?
  9. But only stupid people find these rides uncomfortable, why would B&M need to change it?
  10. The best rides require crotch crushing... I think I'll stick to the family rides
  11. Huh, I would have thought the enthusiasts would have been the stupid people, not the general public
  12. They really hurt your taint if you don't know the best way to position yourself in one
  13. Yeah but SW did that as a strategic business move
  14. At least with NSW starting to open up, we might see some more photos of the site soon
  15. Probably protesting through the streets of Melbourne
  16. SW could have at least made it look like they were attempting to throw Trident in for the Christmas holiday
  17. At least with a 50 year pass you might get a chance of riding leviathan without having to renew your pass
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