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  1. I think they took a liking to your idea Alex! Great to see them doing something with the area in the meantime rather than leaving a patch of dirt.
  2. Well in fairness we didn't know that grass was being laid
  3. Unrelated or not, what's wrong with sharing and exposure? Photography is largely a hobby. I don't see the issue with people wanting to share their work. FWIW my father and brother, as with many professional photographers, self taught and don't have any tertiary qualifications. Since we're listing credentials and achievements today, they have won multiple categories in large competitions worldwide -- they got to where they were by sharing and critiquing theirs and other's work and contributing to the community, not by being spiteful of other "shit hot" photographers and questioning their right to share their work.
  4. But that's exactly how a single rider line should work. If that queue isn't significantly shorter than the normal queue then it doesn't serve a purpose.
  5. Here's a little video I shot and cut of the media event today. Have to agree with Slick it's a nice ride - certainly challenging to get it spinning properly but that's half the appeal. It's very rerideable. For someone that absolutely hates spinning rides I really enjoyed it. It can be as tame or as nauseating as you want it to be - I found a nice inbetween and thought it was fantastic. Great addition.
  6. Totally agree. Would be quite nice actually. It'd be a shame if the construction fencing remained for months.
  7. Still no work to report on the site as of today. FWIW though I actually think the skyline of the park looks better now. Hated the orange. Picture perfect day may have helped but the park in general (landscaping/environment) is looking spectacular.
  8. Sorry for the delay, had an issue with my phone at the park. Ninja's photos probably better show the queue line but I'll upload mine anyway - didn't really want to get too creepy and close taking pictures of little kids. Queue line entry to the right as you walk in. To the left is... This. Didn't get a chance to ride but I was very impressed with what I saw. Kids were loving it. Other notes - HWSD2 still makes little to no sense but it's still very much a crowd pleaser. Perhaps even more so than the original. If they could just find a way to make the fireball relevant it'd be good. Oh and new lasers in Scooby don't hurt your eyes.
  9. Video of the ride: Would have to come down to being under the height restriction. How horrible.
  10. Looks like they've done a great job. Only gripe I have (which I suspected it would be) is the black ceiling, made even more prominent by the natural light coming in. Think I mentioned this before but if it were painted like this it would make it 100x more immersive. Even if the ceiling was removed and it became an outdoor attraction it'd look better. Can't have everything though -- overall a brilliant job and I'm pleasantly surprised. I can see VRTP doing very well this year with this and WnW Junior.
  11. ^ I actually think the POV on youtube is a pretty good representation on the experience (which is rare for these kind of rides) and enough to base an opinion on, certainly an opinion on the animatronics (his main gripe). This point in the ride really bothers me. There's enough of nothing going on to really make you focus on the static animatronics. Looking back on my last ride I also remember thinking that the audio needed to be a lot louder. The dialogue in particular.
  12. Technically yes it's a flat but the GP have no idea. And considering that's their target market not us enthusiasts, so long as it's believable by GP standards Six Flags can do whatever they want. If SFMM were to get one it wouldn't add to their official coaster tally though. I did find it pretty funny that they tried to pass off the four looping coasters as different rides in the video haha Twisted Colossus looks insane. This is the way to do racing coasters IMO - experiencing both sides without having to line up again is great.
  13. Not that hard to figure out. DazzaM translated it pretty well. Has it occurred to anyone that Trevor might have a certain condition that makes it hard to form coherent sentences, let alone build up courage to post on a public forum? Take the extra minute to figure out what he said and contribute if you have anything constructive to say.
  14. Also agreed. I thought Batman was a solid experience - infinitely more re-rideable than a ride built for re-rideability (JL)! I would've loved to see them refurb Batman, update the ride to be akin to modern simulators and built JL in another location.
  15. For me the scenes just aren't immersive enough. It's brilliantly themed and has so much potential but there are periods of nothingness or notmuchness. I know keeping it family friendly is a delicate balance but the final scene has to be the most underwhelming thing ever - a heatlamp and some air. If the atmospherics matched the chaos it'd be cool... Louder music and effects, more bass, wind, co2
  16. Yes, that is relatively recent. What is the point of your post? Not sure why there's always a few people that'll pick on small irrelevant things in posts without contributing to the discussion. Personally I would love to see them add something similar to Bombora at WnWS, perhaps even a longer model. That is hands down the most thrilling slide I've ever been on.
  17. ^ I hope so. Music plays a massive role in creating atmosphere for a park. Nothing like hearing a past Top 40 playlist on some horrible speakers to transport you into the magical world of carnival crapness. Compare this to hearing the Superman theme song while Superman roars above in Movie World...
  18. Well no, it's largely maintenance. Colossus at Thorpe Park was one of the roughest coasters I've ever been on. I'll never ride it again.
  19. The Kumbak trains are terrible. They didn't offer any ride improvement on Corkscrew and were horribly uncomfortable to sit in. I have a feeling that if they can't sell it onto a park for a bargain bin price they'll be cutting their losses.
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