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  1. I think the ride vehicle is throwing a lot of people off with the coaster vs. non coaster debate. If it doesn't look like a traditional train or car people are reluctant to define it as a roller coaster. Classic example - someone said Surfrider isn't a roller coaster. Would you then consider Wicked Twister a flat ride too? Two near identical ride systems only that one doesn't have a traditional train.
  2. Bit harsh to judge lighting based on a video though don't you think?
  3. Yeah good point. No doubt it's staying as is I just would've liked to see them make it a little more convincing. Otherwise I don't see much point in this being enclosed other than the all-weather benefits.
  4. The empty black ceiling is killing me. Would be great if they could paint a sky like the canal shoppes at the Venetian.
  5. Think the camera on Giant Drop was added for the show as it's dated 2010. It also shows TOT with the enclosed tunnel but with the forward facing car -- I thought the tunnel was added for TOT2?
  6. If it rolls and coasts, it's a roller coaster.
  7. Not surprised by them shortening their season. In my experiences the park is either absolutely slammed or dead quiet. There's no way they could sustain daily operations with or without competition. Even WnWS - a brand new park with world class slides recognised this in their debut season.
  8. I was there a couple times during the last few weeks -- crowds were ok. 5-10 minute waits for most slides. Will be interesting to see what changes they've made for the second season. Biggest issue for me were the queues -- I remember waiting an hour once for Bombora only to find out 90% of the people in line were waiting for the other two slides. Once the queue split near the top you could walk straight on. I imagine the newness of the park will carry them through the season without any additions, but will Sydneysiders put up with capacity closures and overcrowding? Will they cap season pass sales at a lower number than last year or introduce tiered passes with blackout dates?
  9. At this rate it'll be gone by next week. Sad to see but also great that as soon as it was deemed irreparable it's coming down. Nothing more depressing than a boarded up SBNO ride.
  10. Well to me it sounds like two evil demon cats torturing each other but each to his own.
  11. Looks good. Good on them for not letting it rot. Shame they couldn't do something about the noise -- if I had to operate that I'd lose my mind.
  12. I don't recall any media hiding the fact that someone had died. It was well known fact without any sort of spin.
  13. Wow Intamin would be relieved. Unless of course they had manufacturer approval to make the modifications?
  14. No different to the US IMO. A few years back when an invertigo model got stuck on the lift hill a news channel had rolling live coverage of it. The Big Thunder incident was a big big deal at the time.
  15. ^ I wonder how much that's going for? Would look absolutely stunning next to the water. Thanks for providing the images guys.
  16. Is there a recent nearmap image that shows the reclaimed land? Perhaps someone can liquid paper the Sea Viper area so we can visualise the entire available land? Oh and Corkscrew died to me when it was painted orange and they decided to buy horrible Kumbak trains.
  17. Considering they had so much trouble keeping a Ferris wheel I seriously doubt they'd get a 500ft tower. SW has height restrictions Edit: beat me to it Spotty
  18. ^ Perhaps even a miniature MW Mini Driving School?
  19. I'd imagine they'd come to that determination before any work on it commenced. Still has a few years left in it IMO.
  20. They'd be so insanely marketable too. Australia has never seen a similar ride type before.
  21. Site looks absolutely gorgeous, congratulations Richard/Nick. One suggestion I'd have is in our "About" page, have a numbered "Flat Rides Ridden", "Coasters Ridden", "Parks Visited" section. Nice to have a list of rides & parks but I'd love to have numbers to show off our overall dorkness.
  22. Wow Dollywood's POV is horrible. Had to mute CF's version but they at least did a good job of mounting it and actually shooting in widescreen... I agree would be a great addition for Movie World - you'd think the backwards novelty would be lost though. That'd make it the 3rd ride to have a reverse section
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