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  1. I'm guessing it's because as stated on here when the park opened, not many holiday makers would have had WWW in their budget. I'm also glad that WWW is doing so well because it means it'll be here longer and it gives you an excuse to stay an extra day or 2.
  2. I forgot to mention that with the lazy river you don't have to have a tube which is great because waiting for one can take ages. The only thing i hate about Jamberoo is that everything is on top of a hill. The walk to the Taipan really knocks you out.
  3. Great TR Jamberoo is an awesome park. The lazy river is fantastic especially the wave cave. The wave pool is way better than WnW. When you say the toboggan was slow do you mean slow drivers or the ride is slow? When Missy & i went on it we had a learner in front. All we did was stop/start (on the beginners track) Glad you had a great time. I'm hoping to go back sometime next year.
  4. When i went to the GC for my BB trip i had my SW hoodie. It has a front pocket with a zip. In my pocket was my lanyard (Bus pass and MW pass) my mobile phone and money inc loose change. Before getting to the entrance i took my jumper off and tied it around my waist with the pocket facing my back. I started walking slowly so the money wouldn't rattle. Well i got passed security and managed to get on SE with no problems.
  5. Where did i correct his spelling? All i sated was that there was no such word as bidded. It's like when people say "They feel worsa" Once again there's no such word. Such is life.
  6. Depends on what your wearing. The WWW shorts i have you can see if something is in them as u can see the outline. I've been pulled up as well with my pass.
  7. So your saying that everyone who rides LW are Aussies?
  8. Dude it's one word. I suggest you look at other people's posts and see how many other posters get picked up for the same thing. So get over it
  9. Well Duh it's not called "Peak season" for nothing. What did you expect? Walk on crowds?
  10. ^ With all the rain they have had i doubt if anything has been done.
  11. That's a great idea. The transit centre is a fantastic location for it. Lets hope it gets approved. Thanks for posting that skeetafly.
  12. My cousins and i used to do that at the now closed Footscray Swim Centre. It was awesome fun but the staff used to kick us out.
  13. I always thought the pumps worked automatically.
  14. Why say it's closing in May when the lease expires in January? I know it's only a temporary lease but they shouldn't advertise it as May.
  15. The boards a pretty tacky but as mentioned earlier it's a start. Alex you have some gr8t ideas there. Maybe you should email MW about it?
  16. Here's the latest news about the rain. Saturday January 5, 07:15 AM Flash flooding hits Gold Coast The Queensland State Emergency Service says flash floods in the Gold Coast Hinterland have caught many people by surprise. More than 350 millimetres of rain fell in some areas overnight, causing flash flooding and raising floodwaters in the Logan and Albert Rivers. The Logan River is expected to flood later today. SES spokesman Andy Christie says volunteers have been involved in 20 rescues overnight. "We've had about eight people entrapped in the rising floodwaters, either in vehicles or actually washed downstream," he said. "In once instance a man was washed down and actually grabbed hold of a bird aviary that was floating past. "A mum and her seven-year-old son were rescued out of a vehicle as rising waters trapped them." An emergency shelter has been set up at Burleigh Heads, but so far no Gold Coast residents have been asked to evacuate. There have been no deaths nor serious injuries. Gold Coast City Council disaster management coordinator Russell Reid says there are concerns about some river levels in the hinterland. "We will see some continued rising of the Coomera, Albert and Logan Rivers but at this stage for the Coomera area we are not expecting to have too many dramas," he said. "We are only expecting to have a fairly moderate high tide this morning - we shouldn't have too many dramas." And Queensland Police are urging drivers to be careful after flash flooding hit the Ipswich Motorway at Goodna. Doesn't sound too good.
  17. When Missy and i went to the GC in May one year the weather was crap. It was windy for the whole 5 days and it rained for 3. Plus it was a bit cold.
  18. Thursday January 3, 01:49 AM Roller coaster makes unscheduled New Year stop BEIJING (Reuters) - A roller coaster stalled at the top of a loop at China's biggest amusement park, leaving passengers stranded upside down, their legs pointed toward the sky. Eighteen passengers were left hanging for half an hour several meters above the park on New Year's Eve Monday in the eastern province of Anhui, the China Daily said. The passengers were riding the "Fireball" attraction at the Wuhu Fangte Amusement Park when the rollercoaster came to an abrupt halt. "Park officials and local authorities rescued the stranded passengers after about 30 minutes and six were rushed to hospital and treated for dizziness," Xinhua news agency said. Investigations revealed that strong headwind had triggered a mechanical fault, the agency said. At least no one was hurt.
  19. dreamworld_rulz

    The Wii

    I thought I'd post this i here. Wii is not a fat burner From correspondents in Paris December 27, 2007 11:52am Wii gameplay uses 51 per cent more energy than on an Xbox 360, study finds. One hour of Wii play only burns off the equivalent of a quarter of a Mars bar. Gaming: More news & reviews » PARENTS are fooling themselves if they hope Nintendo's Wii, which uses a wireless handheld controller to replicate athletic movement, will stop their youngster becoming obese, a study says. Researchers in sport science at Liverpool John Moores University in northwestern England recruited six boys and five girls aged 13-15 years and fitted them with a monitoring device to calculate energy expenditure. The teens played four games for 15 minutes. One of the four games was Project Gotham Racing 3, played on Microsoft's more sedentary Xbox 360. The three other games were bowling, tennis and boxing in Wii Sports, with a five-minute rest between sports. In all, the children played on the consoles for one hour. Energy expenditure using Wii was "significantly greater" — 51 per cent — than on the Xbox, the scientists found. But this figure alone is misleading, as the total number of extra energy units burned using Wii amounted to only 60 calories per hour, or about a quarter of a Mars bar. "In a typical week of computer play for these participants, active gaming rather than passive gaming would increase total energy expenditure by less than two per cent," says the study. Even though the amount is "trivial," it might still make a contribution to weight management, the study admits. And it says, a game that prompts a teenager to practise basic motor control and fundamental movement skills is a plus. "Given the current prevalence of childhood overweight and obesity, such positive behaviours should be encouraged," it says. Even so, nothing is a substitute for getting out of the home and doing sport itself. "The energy used when playing Wii Sports games was not of high enough intensity to contribute towards the recommended daily amount of exercise in children," say the authors. The study is released on Friday by the weekly British Medical Journal, which carries it in its Saturday edition.
  20. That's what i was thinking. But was hoping that someone might be able to shed some more light about the park.
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