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  1. I Think both Sydney and Melbourne could support large theme parks, People may not neccisarily come just for the parks, but seeing a large park may encourage people to come not just for the park, but for a whole holiday. Melbourne has a few "Adventure" parks around and they are usualy pretty busy whenever you visit, so why couldnt they support a big one, It would be really popular. One thing that suprises me is our lack of waterparks. All our capital cities should have one (Exept for Hobart because its too cold and darwin because its not big enough ant its too far away) And we are a nation of
  2. Thats why I siad as another option they could remove current slides and replace them with a dense group of slides. Doing this wouldnt be too costly, and they could dub it as an all new attraction, or even a new themed area, Maybe what they could do is have a main tower and have 8 or so slides winding tightly around the tower into exit chutes. Then have a lazy river circumnavigating the tower.
  3. Maybe the ride itself would be better suited to smaller aplications such as a wild mouse type ride where most of the ride is downhill and the bunny hops would make an ideal place for the jumps. As for the transitions, If you look closley on the pic you will see that the beggining of the regular track has rails that taper to a point. This means the wheels wouldnt suddenly hit anything. They would gradualy come into contact with the rail. You were right when you said it would have to be quite precise, but extra bracing around the track and careful construction would make it possible. One techni
  4. If they made it with custom made parts and made several layers to make holes less visible It could work. I wish I could go there on the day wearing a jacket with deep pockets.
  5. I think SW should shut he water park down and give the slides to wet n wild, It takes up a lot of room and it would detract from WnW. If they didnt want to get rid of having a waterpark, they should demolish the current slides and in their place build a dense tangle of slides at the resort end to save space.
  6. Here is an idea for a ride I thought of a while back, Its called a crossover coaster. The ride is basicaly a floorless, inverted hybrid. The vehicle has dual wheel assemblies. One at the bottom and one at the top. The main drawcard of the ride is that it can conbine a standard rollercoaster with an inverted ride. At the beggining of the ride the car goes along like a normal coaster. But there are transition sections that allow the ride to switch between an inverted and normal postiton. The way it works is by lining up the track with the wheel assmeblies, so it can roll off one track and onto
  7. An indoor crocodile enclosure isnt too far fetched, I have visited an animal sanctuary with indoor crocodlie displays, Its not like they put in a massive croc like Steve Irwin wrestles. Just little fresh water ones no more thain 1/2 a meter long. Edit: I just realised something, Using a laser projection tequnique like for those glass cubes wouldnt work. It takes a machine the size of a fridge to produce the lasers for glass cube production. Imagine how big it would need to be to make an image big enough for a crowd full of people to see at once. Im aware that the power of lasers wouldnt need
  8. Maybe they might do that tequnique, but do it in water to make stuff appear, like a cartoon caracter or something to intergrate with the show.
  9. Said What? If you're referring to the refit. I read it a while back, cant remember where, I think It was coasterforce, but not all of their news is reliable. If your're referring to some kids hating baths, Its sort of a known fact.
  10. Yes, They are shower heads, And they do spray down on the riders. I heard Alton Towers was having its log flume refitted with these boats, (cant remember who makes the boats) so i thought, why not make an entire ride around bathtime. But now in heinsight i wonder if kids wil actualy ride it. I mean most kids hate bathtime.
  11. Something like a wooden wheel would look ok.
  12. Pretty cool, but i probably wouldnt have the sun in the middle.
  13. No, Current technology is not advanced enough to create a hologram in thin air. However there are other ways it can be done but they require an actual display panel, they are.. Glass Hologarm: If you have ever been on skytour at the Sydney Tower or on red hill mine at Sovreign Hill you will have seen this. It basicaly involves projecting an image onto a glass pane. This gives an illusion that the image is in thin air.You can probably bet on this being the one they will use at SW as they will project it onto the tank. Laser Hologram: They have this on display at Questacon in canberra. A laser
  14. Post it. You could probably draw it way better than me. Anyway, Here is another coaster i have drawn. It is called the dark Knight. It is a B&M standup with a vetical loop, sea serpent roll and two interlocking corkscrews. The ride basicaly winds its way around a medieval battleground with catapults, balistas, battering rams, fire effects ect.
  15. But if the car had jammed, Why were the other cars coming through and bashing into the one that had stopped. The whole point of a block system is to stop that from happening. Im unsure why they have more cars than the ride can handle, but they are probably just spares as Huss said. I used to go to that place heaps when i was younger. We lived nearbly and rode our bikes there, It was so cool. It was pretty nice there .
  16. I wasnt really talking about just a normal breakdown, they happen all the time., I meant actual accidents. Take the Melbourne Show mad mouse incident. Had the operators not put so many cars on the track, The block system could have stopped all those other cars form ramming into the back of the one that had derailed. Im uncertain as to how the car derailed, but somthing had to be wrong with it for that to just happen. And when i rode it the ride did look a little bit iffy. An accident would only happen if a fault had been ignored. as daniel said, proper matinance minimises problems and faults
  17. Here is a pic i drew of your ride, Themed to the jungle theme i thought of before. It is called treetop terror
  18. Even if an accident is a result of technial faliure, It boils back to human error, by improprer maitenance or by the operator not doing their job properly. Rides just dont fail for no reason.
  19. I already knew about clothoid loops, but now I understand, Because an Inverter ship is powered, It can make it round its revolution. I think the only way we will see a circle loop on a coaster is if its on of those ones with the 3rd Rail like runaway mine train at Alton Towers, But Then again , whats the point of going to the effort when a clothoid loop is fun anyway 8)
  20. Yeah, I live in Shepp, You live in Melborne so you should know how to get here. If you dont, Just head north out of Melbourne on the Hume freeway, Then Turn off onto the Golburn Valley freeway at Seymour and go along till you get to Shepparton. Anyway, Back on topic, Here is a somewhat smaller ride called "Bathtub Splashdown" It is a childrens flume ride with bathtubs as boats. It also has shower sprayers, squirty taps, Toilet Fountains and the Resivoir has tranlucent floating spheres that look like giant bubbles. Here It is
  21. I try not to let roughness bother me, I ride for the forces, turns, thrills ect. And I have ridden in the back seat of bush beast and scenic railway, and the ride wasnt to bad, I didnt hurt myself. Also, why would a circular loop break necks, Bountys Revenge at WL swings in a perfect circle and I dindnt hurt myself, Oh wait the restraints hurt a bit. But anyway I didnt break any bones, And I have been on full revolution rides also like kamakaze at the Shepparton Agricultural Society Show which had good restraints and I didnt hurt myself one bit.
  22. One thing, I thought of a similar ride the other day, It did not go head first, but the car was capable of spinning, The track was not fully vertical, but twisted and turned on its way down (Think a mad mouse mounted verticaly on a wall. It was called tetris the ride.
  23. They are meant to be conceptual drawings, So it is ok to omit some detail, It was more to show how the ride would look with theming ect. Sorry about the OTSRs, i havent seen a real huss rainbow, just a transportable ride called alia baba. Had I known i would have drawn in lap restranits.
  24. If the tower was fairly short, say 30m ant the part of the track where you go upwards again was gradual, it could work. Sounds like a fun ride and it could have various posibilites, Like a jungle themed tower with a headfirst dive toward a pit filled with spikes (Think Tony Hawk) but the car sweeps up in time , missing the spikes by a meter.
  25. Back on topic, I heard on the news that the person had stood up during the ride > was flung from it. Most accidents on rides are caused by rider stupidity or not folowing the rules. I think people may become scared of going on rides, but I think this is because the incidents happen so rarley, that it is sort of a bad novlety if you get what i mean. Things like car accidents happen frequently but we dont get scared of going in cars so it amazes me when peole have said to me rides are dangerous, but they are not.
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