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    JetRescue recreation?

    How's the track going 'spotty'?
  2. Seaworlds website states that Corkscrew will be open tomorrow (3rd of April)? if there painting the 'whole' coaster it should be painted by now, well I hope so unless they want riders to be covered by what ever colour paint there putting on to the track. I should be in the park on Saturday, (hopefully its open) I will get some pic's then
  3. 1. Superman Escape 2. Jet Rescue 3. Lethal weapon 4. Scooby coaster 5. The Claw 6. Batwing 7. Giant Drop 8. corkscrew 9. WWF 10. Tower of terror Hahah you can tell I love WVTP rides, sorry dreamworld but you've just lost your 'magic'.
  4. They use steam because of the low cost to run the effect, instead of spending money to continually fill fog fluid tanks (and its also fairly Eco-friendly). most theme park attractions these days replace fog machines for other let costly systems (and some time more effective) like the steam system used on superman and the highly popularizing water fogging/misting sometimes called "mee fog" basically water pressured to 1000 psi and then forced through tiny holes that produce tiny water droplets that are so tiny they pretty much flash evaporate after a few seconds in the air. back to the steam
  5. Although it does seem like movie world has forgot about the western area of the park its not the case, the only reason that they don't put in the "bigger" rides is because of the residential housing behind the park and just the noise from WWF's drop is enough to get the residents angry (hence the scream barrier placed on the right hand side of the drop) let alone the sound of a wooden coaster train roaring over its first drop. Unless movie world want to build a super quiet coaster and sound barriers around its drops I don't see a "big" woodie going in there....but you never know. I don't thin
  6. zane

    JetRescue recreation?

    I'm still really keen on doing this NO Limits recreation, but what I really need and would help Soooo much is like a layout with the length's of the launches etc......I.E an updated google earth map Hahahah
  7. New pictures added to RCDB: http://www.rcdb.com/ig4293.htm
  8. Hey, Does anyone that has No Limits want to team up with me to re-create Sea Worlds newest coaster "JetRescue"? -I need people to do 3D's making like rockwork etc (I use Google Sketchup pro to do my 3Ds for No Limits) -and also people with good track smoothing skills -anyone can help if they want. I don't care how big the team gets but I just want to re-create it to the best we can. zane.
  9. Hey, I just read that Hard Rock Park isnt re-opening at all now after its ordeal with bankruptcy...pretty interesting that no other firm wanted to buy it, like there wasn't a single bid on it. Now all the Parks Rides and that are gonna get sold off I guess. Oh wouldn't it be great if movie World brought the Led Zeppelin coaster, and it has all the built in speakers and all so it would be awesome for movie world, I guess dreams are free anyways, just thought I would bring it up. zane.
  10. hi all, Saw the show this morning..even though we entered at 9.00am the show didnt start for about an hour, but I can say it was WELL worth the wait. Also movie world put on a little brekky, there was pastries and drinks all free of charge at the entrance to the show and it was very well appreciated that they went out of there way to do that. Ok now onto the show: First up the set is very detailed, painted to be a "little corner of Italy" and it was very convincing with small shops painted on the bordering walls around the main show space, little Italian style balconies here and there, and t
  11. Part 3 of Ian's construction pic's : Sea World Ride Construction I don't know about the section after the first launch judging by the space at the bottom of corkscrews lift/turnaround its not going to be enough room to do much apart from just a simple turn around I hope I'm wrong and they do something exciting with the space that they have. zane.
  12. I wonder if its going to run two trains and have two stations like superman escape? also good work on trying to take the track into No limits, once its finished I might do a complete recreation in no limits. So far this coasters looking awesome
  13. ^ Yes, the sounds are like trains braking and stopping (you can hear like hisses and stuff as it stops), there's them boarding chimes heard at train stations too, there is also muffled sounds of a person saying something like platform 3 now boarding. You can only hear them as you actually enter the boarding platform and sit down, the sound effects come out of the speakers that are located on the front wall of the station (near the operation booth) ...they sound very cool. zane.
  14. Well the area over the actual main street is all up and covered, the side sections over the two "garden" things towards the big screen have no covering, one side (the left I think) hasn't got all its supports for the covering up. I must say it is amazing, I love it. It makes the acoustics of main street sound so awesome. I think Movie World have made a wise move once again Zane. P.S.....there is now train station sound effects at superman escapes station!, looks like movieworld have been reading and taking note of some posts on here.
  15. Do they use Natural Gas Or propane....I'm sure its propane.
  16. Hi all, Well I visited Sea World for the first time in years. The New ride construction is coming along REALLY well by the looks of things, there are two bunkers located next to the corkscrew (probably just workers equipment) but its the two of many I expect if it were a coaster, as for what coaster type it is.....still a bit hard to work out at this point, the layout of the support bases on the left hand side (looking from bridge) curves in the shape similar to an S. on the other side its all excavated out in the form of a pretty big/deep rectangle and looks as though they could for a splas
  17. Hi, I drew up Superman's layout on my computer a while ago.. hope that helps. zane. edit: Here's A Panorama of the outdoor section to help the design (bit of the track didn't line up in the top right hand corner) Superman Panorama
  18. Yes!, just the right amount of space to place a Sit-down out and back coaster I wish...
  19. I think Sea World could make great use off all the obstacles like ride structures and the monorail track Etc... look at corkscrew and that amazing head chopper created my the monorail track. - And Yes if they build the coaster over water (even a little bit of water) it would be great. -Sea World its time to show us how creative you can be, or how creative the coaster producer can be Zane.
  20. I agree with Nev, when your on the ride next time look up to the roof...there isn't any beams that are needed to pull off a fully retractable roof or any part of the roof at that. Zane.
  21. Why Do you care? really who cares....as long as you get it.
  22. ^ I don't see the problem with "the water vapor getting more and more less visible" , anyways its not an English competition. Water vapor = steam
  23. Well I think MW just need to redesign there water misters, there are ones on the market that leave NO water on surfaces at all, I noticed that the misters are always dripping which isn't what there suppose to do. Disney used the same system on there "Expedition Everest" coaster at Animal Kingdom, they use two systems actually, The steam one as gazza mentioned and a misting system. The steam system is used in the station of the ride and is injected out of nozzles next and through the track with the friction brakes right next to it. The steam system would work if its designed properly and mainta
  24. Something I just saw and went "hmm" "• Grand Central Train Tour will be closed until October inclusive due to park construction work." (from the annual pass email that movie world sent) Interfering with the train route? does it even run through the construction area...?, or does this mean that it may not be placed between corkscrew and Bermuda? [Edit] looking at sea worlds map now, the attraction looks like it doesn't even have a track? is it just like the train that use to be at Movie World? Zano.
  25. Oh SO Sorry Guy's, I though the post I was referring to was the last posted....Sorry for the confusion! Zano.
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