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  1. Translucent: "permitting light to pass through but diffusing it so that persons, objects, etc., on the opposite side are not clearly visible: Frosted window glass is translucent but not transparent." I.E, the slide in this video is translucent:
  2. I was at WnW last week and saw the segments of slide layed out near the construction area. They are definitely transparent, and very colourful, much like the one in this video:
  3. I was at WNW yesterday and didn't see the slides anywhere. Obviously that's not 100% proof that they've been sent to Canberra, but I do agree that the parts in T-bone's picture do look very familiar.
  4. The bit that really gave it away... Wet'n'Wild with consistent attendance... classic!
  5. There were some images of the Spongebob illuminate show and The Wedgie this morning on Sunrise. Illuminate basically looks like projections onto a screen of water mist. It looked quite clear in the middle of the picture. I mostly enjoyed the fact that they called White Water World, Wet'n'Wild 3 or 4 times
  6. Actually themeparkgc is correct. It's during the helix before the brake run. if you look at this helix on google maps you'll see what looks like a white bird house just to the left.
  7. ^^^ I have had that same experence at MW. The attendant at the front of Sccoby has, on a few occasions handed me or my friends a ticket to give to the ride operator when we reached the front of the queue.
  8. Black Hole and the 2 River Rapids PLUS the 4 new Aqua Loops. It might be a tad dangerous doing a loop on an open air waterslide. Also just out of curiosity, has there been any sort of actual confirmation that Speed Coaster and Twister are being removed?
  9. Just to clarify Wet'n'Wild still do Tube Hire for $3 after 5:30 from the Calypso Bar.
  10. Surely they would go up in the H20 zone like the other recent additions. I understand the concept of wanting a new attraction to been seen from the highway but Kamikaze, Tornado, Black Hole etc are visible so there's no reason 4 Aqualoops wouldn't be. Also if they really are planning 4, the footprint needed would be much bigger than anything near the twister, unless they're able to make them all flush with each other.
  11. Sunrise just showed Mel and Nat on a backlot tour at MW. Mel said the Narnia stage and Dawn Treader will be open to the public from Boxing Day in a "return to studio tours for Movieworld".
  12. Late notice I know but Sunrise is filming at Sea World this morning. Just showed a teaser of Sea Viper & Jet Rescue etc. That bit should be on within the next hour or you may have already seen it if you're in NSW
  13. Why would they waste time saying that from Boxing Day the water in a dump bucket at WWW is coloured green, but fail to mention Dive in movies? I know he only had 7 minutes or so, but there was a lot missed out. Should've gone with one park a day for a week.
  14. ^^ Disregarding everything forx is saying... it has dug up some old threads. As for Matilda, she was dismantled and put in the staff carpark for several years. About a month ago, the three pieces were removed and taken away by truck so I would think it unlikely that we will see her return.
  15. Yes, that one is an official video. It's available on the myfun.com.au website.
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