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  1. Whoa calm down there big boy! If we go with your argument doesn't that mean that all so called "Aussies" should stop encroaching on the traditional Aboriginal tribal areas and, dare I say, "go back to where they came from"? The whole argument is ridiculous, where would Australia be without it's migrant population? No Snowy River scheme for starters let alone nearly every major infrastructure project in Australia's history. Also migrant workers from many cultures, China included, steam rolled every gold rush in the country and changed and influenced our culture in some way or another for the last 215 odd years. "The Bus is now leaving for Chinamans Well, Western Australia"
  2. An article posted on The Daily Telegraph/Blacktown Advocate today: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/newslocal/west/wet-n-wild-at-prospect-to-make-a-splash-this-summer/story-fngr8i5s-1226661391676 Should be interesting to see if they do partner up with Lifesaving Australia. "The Bus is now leaving for Blacktown, NSW"
  3. Having worked at Canada's Wonderland, I was blown away how similar it was to Wonderland Sydney,particularly around the the lake area. Ahh the memories. "The Bus is now leaving for Blow Clear Tank, NSW"
  4. I drove past today and the whole bottom section of the Tornado is done. What I was surprised about was how many sections of slide are sitting out when there are no towers for them to be attached to yet. Anyway I guess they know what they are doing. "The Bus is now leaving for Tornado Rocks, Queensland"
  5. I believe the wording was "one of the world's largest". "The Bus is now leaving for Wordimup Pool, Western Australia"
  6. That'll never happen. "The bus is now leaving for Never Never Catch Tank, South Australia"
  7. Just heard the report on Channel 7 News. There will be a total of 300 trucks/containers delivered to the site. I also found out what is being built at the drive in up the road, it's a hotel. Not sure what company/chain it's for and I have heard speculation that the drive in itself is closing. "The Bus is now leaving for Speculation Tank, Queensland"
  8. Yay we are now back on topic. Just saw a news flash for Channel 9 News (only Sydney I presume) showing 27 semi trailers with 40ft shipping containers on the back pulling up at the work site, so it looks like the slides have arrived already. "The Bus is now leaving for Shipping Point, Tasmania"
  9. Thanks T-bone, good to see you're still floating about as well. I forgot to say in my last that the footing is roughly heart shaped, with chicanes on the 2 longer sides and was probably 2-3 m deep. "The Bus is now leaving for Heart Lagoon, Queensland"
  10. I took a drive past a couple of days ago (unfortunately I didn't have a camera with me) and the earthworks are coming along well. There is a nice deep footing that has been dug at the southern end of the park closest to the road. I'm not sure what it is for because I'm not sure which plan or drawing to look at to get the most up-to-date plan, but on the drawing that AllegroCrab posted it is roughly in the middle of what looks like a lazy river with the 2 small stage 2 sections in the middle of it. I hope that makes sense. Also does anyone have any idea what they are building to the southeast of the southern screen at the drive in up the road? It looks like it's about 2-3 stories, it's a bit hard to see what it is or is going to be as it still has the scaffolding on it. It looks kind of like a car park but that doesn't make any sense with where it is. "The Bus is now leaving for Drive Creek, Tasmania"
  11. Where have I been? I have a 14 month old son so have little time to come on here, that's where I've been. "The Bus is now leaving for Sons of Gwalia Mine, Western Australia"
  12. What else would I be driving? I am Bussy afterall! "The Bus is now leaving for Silly Pool, Western Australia"
  13. I surprised no one has posted this before now. This coaster at China Dinosaurs Park looks amazing. RCDB for details, News.com.au and Youtube for videos.
  14. I drove past there last week and I couldn't see that any work had been started.
  15. I've kicked many a person off various rides for various things. You name a ride from Wonderland Sydney and I have most likely kicked someone off it. Most common was spitting on Bounty's revenge. I did manage to get 2 teenage boys arrested! I was on Bush Beast and had the train out when my phone rang and the operator at Snowy (Dannymac) told me the 2 kids in the rear carriage had been standing up along the back curve. When the train got back into the station I went over to them before I unlocked the lapbars. They started going off at me and as they left the platform they threatened to assault me. I called security who came and they started going off at them and one of them threw a punch (that missed) so they were detained and the Police were called. I had to give a statement to the Officers and the the 2 boys were taken away. It was classic!
  16. I was a ride operator for nearly 5 years both here in Australia and overseas, so I have pleanty of experience with rides breaking down with people on them. My scariest experince was with The Demon. Have a look at the for all the details as i'm not going to bother typing it up again. I think just about every ride at Wonderland had someone get stuck on it at sometime or another, this even includes the dodgems. Thankfully I never had anyone suffer a serious injury whilst I was operating but I do know there were several incidents. Bussy
  17. Hehehe nice topic title Alex. The kid will get over it and have a great story to tell his friends at school, no long term harm done. Bussy
  18. Those photos remind me of Zombieland. For those of you who haven't seen the movie, do your self a favour and go and watch it. It's absolutely brilliant! "The bus is travelling for work"
  19. I drove past the site the other day, on the M4 not Reservoir Rd and as far as I can tell there is nothing happening. I will try to go past on Reservoir Rd sometime soon. I'm really looking forward to this park as it will be somewhere I can take my baby, who is due in a month, in the coming years. "The Bus is now leaving for Baby Creek, NSW"
  20. I'm pretty sure the only other one of it's kind is Jet Scream at Canada's Wonderland (where I have also worked). It's got a space shuttle body and theme. "The Bus is now leaving for Jet Creek, Queensland"
  21. "The Bus is now leaving for Wet Gun Swamp, Tasmania"
  22. It's good to see the old girl looking so good with a fresh lick of paint. I spent many many hours operating and training other operators on this ride and even though it's been 7 years I still think I would be able to run it with my eyes closed. Bussy
  23. It's been a while since i've been on the forums so it's good to catch up with what's going on around the place. I think that this park will make a success of itself for the main reason is that Sydney has never had anything like it, and Jamberoo doesn't count as I don't consider it to be a Sydney attraction. The masses will flock to the park for the first 5 years and if Village keep up the park like they do on the Gold Coast it will continue well after that. I wonder how many ex-Wonderland staff will start working there? I know there are a few who still work at Luna Park who will be interested. I myself will never work at a theme park again unless they can give me the money I'm on now for only working 3 days a week. Wazza's a bit far away for the daily commute Bussy
  24. I guess I'm the one who has the experience to answer this question as I'm pretty sure I'm going to be the only person on here that has actually operated The Claw (well it's equivalent at Canada’s Wonderland). I never had to e-stop it (came close once) but I did see it get e-stopped, it was during the first half of the cycle, with the pendulum rising to nearly full height, it took the down swing and half of the return swing to come to a complete stop. Maintenance was then required to come and release the lockout and raise the floor. Each ride stops differently after an e-stop and it also depends on when it is hit. For example Space Probe would stop halfway up the tower if you hit it then but after the release it was pointless hitting it. Demon was pretty much the same, once the train had passed through the station, if you hit the estop, it wouldn’t stop until hit got to the lift chain. During my nearly 5 years of ride operation I hit the e-stop numerous times, the scariest was when the cable snapped on The Demon, major brown trouser time there! Sorry to bring up Wonderland again, but its where my experience is. Bussy
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