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RCT3 Rides?

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Ok, here is a complete list of the Rides and Attractions in RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 listed by category in the game: Rollercoasters: Air Powered RollerCoaster Bobsleigh Compact Inverted Coaster Corkscrew Coaster Dingy Slide Floorless Roller Coaster Flying Coaster Flying Turns Giga Coaster Heartline Coaster Hyper Coaster Hyper Twister Coaster Inverted Coaster Inverted Hairpin Coaster Inverted Impulse Coaster Inverted Verticle Shuttle Inverted Wild Mouse Junior Coaster LIM Launched Coaster Lay down Roller Coaster Log Flume Looping Roller Coaster Mine Ride Mine Train Coaster Mini Coaster Mini Suspended Coaster Mini Suspended Flying Coaster Multidimension Coaster Pipeline Coaster Rafts Reverse FreeFall Coaster Reverser Coaster River Rapids Side Friction Coaster Spinning Wild Mouse Spiral Coaster Splash Boats Standup Coaster Standup Twister Coaster StrataCoaster (eg. Top Thrill Dragster) Suspended Swinging Coaster Tilt Coaster Twister Coaster Verticle Drop Coaster Virginia Rell Water Coaster Wild Mouse Coaster Wooden Coaster Wooden Wild Mine Wooden Wild Mouse Junior Rides: Buffalo Roundabout Floundering Ferry Flying Saucers Ride Merry-Go-Round Monster Ride Odyssey Ride Snake Helter-skelter Spiral Slide Tea Cups Ride Thrill Rides: Bucking Bull Chairswing Double swinging Inverter Enterprise Flying Carpet Gallows Swing Gravitron Lasso Launched FreeFall Mine Drop Ride Motion Simulator Phoenix Twister Pirate Ship Revolution RotoDrop Rotor Rotovator Roundup Ride Sky Sling Sky Wheel Spider Top Spinner TNT Vortex Top Spin Top Spinner Twister Zipper Water Rides: Bumper Boats Canoes Jet Skis Mini Sub Rowing Boats Swan Boats Water Tricycles Gentle Rides: 3D Cinema Circus Crazy Golf Crooked House Dodgems Ferris Wheel Ghost House Ride Kara Oki Concert Laser Battle Mirror Maze Planetarium Space Arcade Space Rings Spooky Wheel Trampoline Western Wheel Wild West Show Zero G trampoline Transport Rides: Chairlift Elevator Mini Railway Monorail Suspended Monorail Trains Trams Other Rides & Attractions: Car Cheshire Cats Double Deck Observation Tower Ghost Train Go-Karts Haunted Hotel Mini Helicopters Monster Trucks Motorbike Races Observation Tower Soap Box Derby Racers Squeaky Cycles Steeple Chase Vintage Cars Hope this was of help. Also I have added a screenshot of a Zero G Roll on the compact Inverted Coaster. Unfortunately, very few coasters have this element in the game.

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