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Dreamworld TR: 30.10.05

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Well today was a interesting day! I met up with Scott at Dreamworld at about 10:30 in front of Reptar but before I got a ride on Wipeout. After we met and got to know each other we headed for Tower Of Terror. 10 min wait. Then went to the shop to buy a Photo Keychain. While it was being developed we went for another shot at it. Once we got the keychains off to WipeOut. We did this 3 times and then went to Claw and did it twice. Afterwards we headed over to Wiggles World to ride the Big Red Car! "Toot Toot Chugga Chugga Big Red Car We'll Travel Near and We'll Travel Far" Then we went to Wipeout which I did 7 times. Then over to Claw again. Then While Paul went on Giant Drop I headed for WipeOut (again) and then headed over to Claw again. Then to Tower Of Terror. Then about 12 rides on Wipeout. Then 1 Ride on Claw and then Back to Wipeout! Apparently Paul Said I went various shades of Purple on WipeOut. Now kiddies lesson no. 1: Don't have a serve of curly fries and a Super Size Coke before riding WipeOut. I feel sorry for Fluffy The shark! :P I realy scared the chick next to me on WipeOut looking like I was about to hurl. General Park Notes: Tower Of Terror: The Elevator Status!: Elevators upon exit are working :D but what happened to the CityScape? WipeOut: Fluffy The Shark is working now! and I feel sorry for him getting a fresh dump of Vomit on his head! And 20 rides in one day makes you real ill. And It Hurts. On the last ride just before docking the ride was perfectly balanced to lock us upside down untill near the water and then flipped us Upright real quickly. OverAll the Day got a 8/10

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It's funny how it went from six, to nine, to thirteen then down to twelve, then up to twenty.... And then you're vomitting, then I hear your passing out, then apparently after you passed out catch another twelve rides.... Whoa, Bold and The Beautiful out at a theme park, aye.

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