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As I have been watching channel Ten (Southern Cross) for the past few hours, it has come to my attention that there are more ads for WVTP than you can poke a stick at, whereas I have not yet seen any WWW ads on TV at all. It is only natural that WVTP would be responding to the release of a new park that threatens to steal visitors away from WnW. But it seems to me Macquarie Leisure is waiting too long to enforce more of a marketing campaign. They had better come up with something by at least next week with only 20 days until opening.

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This also occurred to me yesterday as well. I am the only enthusiast where I work, and the others tolerate my interests only because they have no choice, but one of my staff received a QLD holiday as a 21st birthday present, and their plans were to tour the parks while they were there. Me telling her about WWW was the first she had heard about it. she is going to be up there just before christmas and yet had heard nothing about the park. Had I not mentioned it to her, the first she would have heard about it would have been when she arrived at DW to do the tiger walk. She now has plans to visit WWW as well, but I think this is a very silly move by DW not to be hammering the hell out of it - the first new park on the gold coast in over a decade... Admittedly, they may be holding their advertising simply because they feel that enough word is out there that they will run at capacity for the entire christmas holiday period, but I don't think this is the case. Dreamworld had better pull out all the stops and advertise the hell out of WWW everywhere they can, and fast, because by now, most people who will go to the goldcoast have already made their plans, and trying to fit yet another park into their itinerary will put a strain both on their plans and their wallets and they may just decide not to go. Having said that - the first and only advertisement I have seen for WWW outside the internet was in my local NRMA (RACQ) office, and only because I was walking past on the way to the bank and I recognised the logo already. Imagine if I didn't know about the park already? I would have written it off to some new area of WnW... Dreamworld need to pick up their act. Sure the tourism award is one thing, but I'm sure a number of people will agree that there was no major reasoning why DW should have received that award this year, with so many other reasons out there for them to not win it...

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People have a right to say what they think, if your so sick of people saying Dreamworld didnt deserve the award just dont read the threads dreamworld_rulz. Even though this argument is totally off the topic.

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Back on topic, I am also suprised about the lack of WWW advertisements. While there is basic info circulating in Qld newspapers, it is usually nothing more than "Dreamworld is opening a $60 million dollar world class theme park for the December holidays". Very few people in other states would even be aware of this new park and when planning their interstate holiday would choose to go to wet n' wild instead. Meanwhile if you watch a channel like MTV, just about every ad break has an ad for wet n' wild with MTV viewers as the key demographic. I am sure we will see a large number of ads over the next few weeks but I too would have expected ads a lot sooner to build some momentum and anticipation for the park to open.

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