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What's better. Off the shelf coaster with amazing theming. Or custom layout coaster with ok theming

What's better. Off the shelf coaster with amazing theming. Or custom layout coaster with ok theming.  

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  1. 1. This was suggested by @tricoart Would it be better for GC parks to get an off-the-shelf ride model (Storm, WoO coasters, steal taipan , etc.) and pay close attention to enhancing the theme/storyline, or would it be better for them to get a customised layout (Jet Rescue, DCR, etc.), and trade some beautification/theming for a possibly more interesting ride ?

    • Off the shelf plus amazing theming
    • Custom Layout and ok themeing
    • Custom Layout and a hemisphere first gimmick such as drop track or tilt track ect plus ok theming

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In my personal opinion there's always more buzz around a custom layout coaster. (Jungle rush has way more buzz than WoO though that has great themeing so maybe that's part of the reason) but for most people who don't know rides are clones maybe the answer is different? Have no idea which option is more beneficial to parks. But I prefer option 2 though maybe option 3

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I don't think either is 'better'. it depends on what it does, what market it is targeted at, etc. 

There's no option for this, so I can't place a vote.

Storm sucks, ST is pretty decent. DCR is good. Each ride has to be considered on its merits and there is no 'one' formula that is 'better' than the other.


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I pick option four, custom layout and great theming. But it really comes down to a lot of different factors.

Moto coaster is a custom layout, but it isn’t an enjoyable ride and if it had good theming, I’d still say ‘that coasters theming is great, but the ride itself isn’t enjoyable and therefore I’m not going to ride it for the theming’.

If Steel Taipan and DC Rivals had an indoor queue and preshow before the launch/lift hill then that would definitely make those coasters even better. Which is exactly what Superman Escape did and that’s part of what makes that attraction so great. But in the case of DC Rivals, I’d rather have it how it is because it’s a great layout, than them remove a quarter/half of the layout and use that budget to add some theming/pre show to the ride.

For Jungle Rush, hypothetically if this layout doesn’t turn out to be good, but it’s comfortable to ride and the theming is amazing, then yes I probably would be inclined to ride it more because of its immersion and story. And if the layout is enjoyable (which it think it will be), then that’s a bonus.

TNT at Gumbuya World is a standard layout and the theming has been done pretty well, but if you took it away the coaster experience is still the same, it just makes the queue boring and lacking. 

So like @DaptoFunlandGuy I too can’t decide on an answer because there are so many variables to consider when trying to decide. 

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I prefer coasters with custom layouts and good landscaping like Velocicoaster. You don't need a big massive mountain; just make the area around the ride look good with trees and gardens. Extra points for themed stations.

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26 minutes ago, themagician said:

@TBoy you do realise Velocicoaster is more than just good landscaping? It's has a very well themed queue, animatronics, lighting/sound/smoke effects, a very extensive amount of handcrafted rockwork and all the other general theming to give the impression the coaster is inside a raptor enclosure.

Yes, but the second half of the coaster is mainly just landscaping and going over the lake. You are right about the queue and first half though.

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