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Take your pic B&M or INTAMIN


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  1. 1. who do you like better

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Hi all, well its a age old question, who do you like better? INTAMIN are smooth (not always) fast, twisted and technology advanced, pushing the limits all the time as B&M are smooth (not always aka Mantis) comfortable and ruler of inversions well I'm not going to vote as they both offer different experience's between them, if you like starting a ride with a bang INTAMIN, or you fancy a smooth and inversion full coaster B&M. What is your Pick?

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That really is a tough call. SE and California Screamin' are both fantastic rides, TOT is just "OK". But I have found all the B&Ms I have ridden to all be excellent (even Batman was the only one to have proper theming) I'll say B&M though, Just because Tatsu and Batman were both awesome rides, as was Riddlers. If I was going to judge by the ones I haven't ridden, B&M would still be my favourite because of rides like Nemesis, Dueling Dragons, Black Mamba, SheiKra etc.

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Let me think about that, first I must consider my top ten: 1. Superman Ride of Steel @ SFNE - Intamin 2. El Toro - Intamin 3. Maverick - Intamin 4. Top Thrill Dragster - Intamin 5. Millennium Force - Intamin 6. X - Arrow 7. Nitro - B & M 8. Magnum XL-200 - Arrow 9. Superman Escape - Intamin 10. Storm Runner - Intamin Not sure, but I think I'll have to go with Intamin. I think the Dive Machine from B & M would make the top ten if I had been on one & Raptor and some other inverts just miss out. B & M have forceful inverts, and without considering their Dive Machine, the rest of their stuff isn't that forceful (relatively speaking) and they all mostly have the same layout with their loopers. If an intamin used Nitro's layout it would be the most insane ride ever.

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