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Official Kamikaze Thread


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I've sort of see media coverage by theme park sites as being a bit more self serving, since all it really does is satisfy the interests of a group rather than promote the ride. I guess its just a goodwill gesture "to a group that in theory spend a good proportion of their disposable income on visiting theme parks".
Now naturally I can't speak for other sites, but what I can say is that, based on our visitor stats, either there are vastly more enthusiasts out there than you or I would think, or visitors to this site are on the whole not what you'd consider enthusiasts. In fact I'd say based on reading patterns, search engine keywords etc., that enthusiasts are outnumbered upwards of 6 to 1 in our readership. It's not all that hard to appreciate why when you see that Parkz ranks in the top handful of results for many Australian theme park related searches. Looking at it from a marketing perspective, appealing to enthusiasts/fans (in any industry) is about a lot more than just tapping this group's own disposable income. This group is known within their community as being knowledgeable or expert on the subject, and as such their opinion holds more value. Most members here are probably the person family or friends come to for advice if they're planning a theme park trip. I'm sure thinking about it, most will realise they've been able to influence others' decision making pretty heavily. Interesting questions with John Menzies. Nothing there that isn't what you'd expect the answers to be, but I found the Master Blaster comment pretty interesting. The follow-up question that begs asking is, "That said, what then is the strategy behind Jet Ski Rescue, a ride that is fundamentally identical to Motocoaster?". Thinking about it some more, there's two possible answers to this: that it is all about how they frame the attraction and utilise a strategy that highlights its key differences and strengths, or that in terms of return on investment, this style of roller coaster represents the best the industry has to offer. Following up these two questions would be, "Why then can't that same strategy be used to differentiate a superior Master Blaster from that at a competing park?", and "Really??", respectively. I think I'm just thinking aloud now...
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Did anyone get an email saying they could be the first ones to ride it? I swear the date was the 8th? But it must have been the 1st. I'm disappointed that i missed out. I even sent them an email with mine and my partners pass numbers. Oh well that's what happens when you don't keep your emails.
Yes. What the e-mail was saying was that on the 8th of October, VIP Annual Pass holders were able to get into WnW an hour before the general public to ride Kamikaze, like the early entry at DW. They were not referring to an early entry on the day of its debut.
Looks like Wet N Wild/MyFun pass holders will get in a little early.
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